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    Front brake carrier

    £203 from dealer. I suggest you contact a decent machine shop and get them to put a helicoil in. The part is cheap and you will be paying a bit for labour.
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    Front brake carrier

    Whats the PR code for your brakes?
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    Rear Pads time again

    Disconnect the connector to the motor and apply 12v to it. Orientation wont matter as you will know whether its winding in so reverse the polarity. Ive done this a few times if i have had cars delivered with no keys and the handbrake is on
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    Possible S6 upgrade.......!!!!!

    If you're really interested in going for it then make some enquiries as to whether the turbo oil screens have been done. Its a common fault and can lead to expensive replacement turbos. The oil screen is peanuts in cost but its the labour cost that makes it an expensive job
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    Sold 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 Electric power fold heated wing mirrors

    Strange, should be another label with 8V2 857 409/410 followed by a letter
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    Sold 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 Electric power fold heated wing mirrors

    Part numbers from the actual mirror, the one on the cable loom is the correct number i need
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    Sold 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 Electric power fold heated wing mirrors

    Where abouts are you based? have you got the part numbers from the mirrors? thanks
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    Etka shows it as a H7 55W bulb
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    Brake pressure bleeder question

    I have the sealey version of the one listed by the OP and the cap works fine on the VW and Audis i work on
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    Audi Centre Dispute

    I think sometimes all it takes is the small claims court papers to land on their doorstep to finalise things. They probably think you wont go that far and you are full of hot air. Courts usually dont look favourably on large companies screwing over the average man, but it does depend on what...
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    HP Printer Quality is rubbish these days.

    Ive got the same printer: 283fdw and works great. Toners are the same ones they shipped with and apart from it dropping offline from its wireless occasionally its works. Got mine from JL when they had the £100 cash back
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    HID headlights

    I checked for a 2015 and 2016 allroad and they use D3S but depends what your PR code is for your code as some version of lights also use the D5S so you need to check first
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    HID headlights

    D3S 35W
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    For Sale H&R 10mm Spacers

    Sorry no idea. I bought them used and tried them on mine but wont fit the hub. They have got 07/18 printed on them as well so not too old