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    SQ5 Android Head

    That is great. Message sent Thanks for the info. Their offering is a smaller screen, i.e. same size as standard. I have ordered the 10.25" screen as in my post and arranged a local man to fit it.
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    SQ5 Android Head

    Hi, I would like to replace the head unit on my SQ5 with an Android 10.25". Has anyone done similar? Who would you recommend to fit?
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    Q5 Q5 Sline 3.0 front brakes

    Never felt the need to upgrade engine performance or the brakes on my SQ5
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    Started off with nothing and still have most of it left

    Started off with nothing and still have most of it left
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    Q5 Audi Q5 - High milage

    I would not worry about high mileage, IF that is reflected in the price. That one looks good, but IMHO overpriced. I would advise that you check the auto box very carefully. Check the oil change history. Lookout for snatching which is a tell tale sign mechatronic and/or gearbox is on it's way...
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    Quattro or not?

    The two wheel drive struggles for grip to get off the line particularly on wet roads. The STronic box is great. The S line is a nice spec Go for it all, if you can afford it?
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    Q5 Q5 buying advice

    Pleased to help. All of the Q5s are great cars, you will not be disappointed. The red ones are quicker :redrs4: Congratulations on the baby
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    Q5 Q5 buying advice

    I would be careful buying any high mileage S Tronic Audi. The mechatronic unit is expensive to replace. The old 2.0TDI is (in my opinion) underpowered and many owners report real world fuel consumption is nowhere near Audi figures. If you can afford it, the 3.0 is far better and owners report...
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    SQ5 Running 265's?

    I am sure 265 would not cause any issue. However in the event of an accident it could be a problem if an eagle eyed assessor may spot non standard fitment.
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    SQ5 SQ5 Plus

    Very nice
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    SQ5 Audi SQ5 break in procedure?

    Modern cars like the SQ5 need no breaking in. Just don't cane it or let the engine labour in too high a gear for the first 1,000 miles
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    Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

    Thanks for your kind comments guys :redrs4: