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  • Yea thats ok no worries!,worth asking!,you two should come to ultimate dubs march 11'Th telford!,um that place is called( tuner race developments ),if you say i sent you (adam),he should do it for a better price!,or badger5 (gloster),worth ringing both!
    Goin to ace cafe,in london tuesday afternoon!,to meet some asn members!,if you and your bloke fancy coming along!,pm me!,itl be good for you to see some other s3's to get some ideas?
    nice!!!! hope it dont cost you to much for a new manifold bill at badger 5 might be good call for manifold as i know he has a few people from audi sport going to him for exhaust's etc so he might have a spare standard manifold to hand.
    they are nice wheels i know a place which is based in liverpool that sell them as reps sure they only £400 without tyres its called mersey speed.

    speak with damian at dpm for coilovers he did me a good deal on the fk ak street coilovers.

    been looking at some new wheels meself just carnt bring my self round to buying them they merc slr wheels
    Google Images
    coilovers if you want the car nice and low or springs if you want the car a bit stiffer.

    i think i know which lambo wheels you on about they nice wheels 18's or 19's a friend of mine might be selling some x5 wheels with adapters etc if you interested
    ooo tax such a pita.
    what wheels you looking at and coilovers or springs.

    ive recently fitted some fk ak street coilovers they great for the money only £230
    yeh get some pics up when done, so whats your plans for the car other than pearl laquer.
    ooo pearl finish ontop mine has pearl in at as its the same as the megane f1 colour, you can get a tinted laquer than will contain pearl colours in it to respray over the top of your existing colour to give you the pearl look price wise duno but shouldnt be expensive.

    white pearl now that is a nice colour you could allways do your interior white and have best of both if you wanted to have a white car.
    for some reason it wont let me upload pics so made this ages ago on detailing world show few pics of the car.
    Detaling Audi A3 Liquid yellow - - Detailing World -
    i didnt plan on getting it in yellow untill i seen it was liquid yellow (megane f1 yellow) i couldnt resist.
    any joy with selling the MG looks cool lil car what made you want a S3 BTW.
    Hi miss Lucy welcome to ASN
    How u getting on with ya s3 hope it's everything you want
    My names Aaron :)
    Hope u enjoy the forum
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