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    A2 diesel or Petrol

    90bhp diesel has rear discs and not drums. Diesel all the way for me. Cheap tax, Sounds ace and well torquey! Oh, and 2004 onwards has slatted griille, not one piece smooth one
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    rs4/s4 gearbox brace
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    rs4 b5 short shifter

    If you do get the ESP S/S, get their weighted gearknob too. Makes changes less 'notchy'
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    rs4/s4 gearbox brace

    AWE or ESP DTS will sort out the driveline shunt. Coupled with a short shift and weighted gear knob (which ESP do), it will transform gear changes. Copied from Welcome to the East Sussex Precision Engineering Ltd section of We specialise in precision...
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    Is towing legal?

    I have a copy of a letter from Gmbh (in german) stating that you can use a Westfalia towbar and tow up to 1600kg with a nose weight of 75kg on a B5 RS4. Audi are worried that the gearbox oil might get too hot
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    RS4 quattro B5 1 piece carbon propshaft

    Tartan Rob from is the man you want to speak to...
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    RS4 Alloys

    and offset of OEM RS4 wheels means they will stick out too far
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    Modded S4 198mph

    Full details can be found here
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    Tow bar on RS4 Avant?

    Response I got form Audi. I was asking about my B5, but I think he's talking about a B7 as I don't have a diffuser Unfortunately there are no tow bars available for the Audi RS4. Due to the cars exhaust system and rear diffuser it is not possible for one to be attached. Kind Regards...
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    I've got to work:sob:
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    not gonna make it. Gutted
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    I beg to differ old chap.......
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    You come to mine and I will!!
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Cleaning has already started!
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    **Audimeets...July 13th**

    Engine bay has already been tickled with! Good photographer with action shot......