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    looks great.
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    Wheel spacers..

    cheers, 20 to 30mm should be enough.
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    Wheel spacers..

    i like the rs6 style tbh though, and if i am gunna change the rims it will be for after market rims. just fancy lowering it and spacing the wheels out a tad.
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    Wheel spacers..

    how do the spacers work if the car is lowered?
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    New Mods....A review

    looks great on them wheels, and the r8 brakes!! swish man. could you get some pics of the full car please.
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    Wheel spacers..

    ye mine is sat on standard suspension atm, looking to possible change that in the new year.
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    Wheel spacers..

    whats best spacer size?
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    Wheel spacers..

    is anyone running wheel spacers on standard 18inch rs6 wheels?? and how do they find the look of the car with them on?? pictures if you got em please?
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    New member: RS6 Avant [PICS]

    cracking car mate, looks so smart. love the porsche to.
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    Replacing headunits..

    Has anyone replaced their headunit with a double din aftermarket one? what you got? has anyone just got a normal aftermarket unit? pics please if possible to... cheers :arco:
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    Is this Double Bin Or Single ?

    is that a straight replacement for the headunit?
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    New Car....New Mods....New Pics

    car looks well mate.
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    Best quality ride on lowering springs

    okay cheers mate, ill go for the H&R's
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    Best quality ride on lowering springs

    if the s line is only lowered about 5mm with the H&R's, how is it with the 50mm eibachs? does it only go down a bout 30mm?
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    2.0TDI stutter...

    i know a mechanic who says the EGR valve is a common fault with the TDI's.