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    Most popular colour?

    Can't see glacier on your list so unfortunately none of the above. Lol
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    New S3 - bumped already!

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    Carwow quotation

    100% correct
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    S3 Cabriolet

    Idea was to test drive an S3 SB but the cab was the only S3 available to take out. Was such a great experience and wasn't expecting to love it so much. Only trouble is my budget won't stretch to an S3 cab. So now have to make a decision on whether to stick with a SB S3 or bite the bullet and get...
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    S3 Cabriolet

    Any owners here with an honest opinion on owning one. Took one on a test drive yesterday from Poole Audi and was blown away with how good it made me feel ! Never thought twice about having one before until now ha ha
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    It's finally arrived.

    Must be Dorset or somewhere south? Was thick fog everywhere this morning
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    B&O setup

    Mines the standard system and it only says gala
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    A few pics of my pride and joy!! ❤️

    BEST colour! Very nice
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    Dilemma....Old vs new

    Tell them you'll sign up if they match your current payments. I'm sure they'll match it. After all they're the ones who contacted you
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    Show us Glacier White

    Only pictures I have on my phone from pick up day. Love this colour
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    What features don't you use?

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    What features don't you use?

    Theirs a CD player ?
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    From S3 to A3 2.0 tdi?

    I don't drive it as much as I'd like due to being in my van 6 days a week. But my 184bhp derv is a fantastic engine. Best diesel I've owned, such a smooth and powerful engine. Pulls like a petrol engine, while getting over 50mpg
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    Time in DIS

    Can have the clock on mine. At the expense of the digital speed being shown. 2015
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    Delivery miles

    7 miles. + full tank of diesel