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    RNSE: You are not on a digitised road.

    Don‘t think it‘s anything to do with the aerial. I get this message sometimes on my 2012 Q3 with the latest sat nav. Many industrial estates have non-digitised estate roads, as do many country estates ( Harewood House for instance )
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    2.0 TDI Turbo Whine/Police Siren noise

    Bear in mind that if the turbo actually ' blows ' then bits of the vanes could get drawn into the engine. If that happens will the warranty company pay for repair/new engine ?? I think not !! I was with Warranty Direct with my old A3 and they require you to inform them asap of a possible...
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    2.0 TDI Cruise & MFSW Retrofit Help!

    Is that not a question you should be addressing to Ross-tech ? Assuming you have a genuine VCDS cable then they will provide you with all the support necessary. I have merely given you the benefit of my personal experience with an identical car ! I think if you research the subject carefully on...
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    2.0 TDI Cruise & MFSW Retrofit Help!

    Module 1K0 with suffix AF is capable of supporting CC in the 'alternative' mode. i.e. the 'SET' button on the end does nothing and you pull towards you and downwards to set speed. The ONLY module that will support MFSW on your car is 8P0 suffix F I had exactly the same car and year as yours...
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    Retrofit Cruise Control

    You are correct !
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    alloy wheels looking nut key

    No, but a phone call will tell you. Shouldn't be more than £20
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    Fault Code Help

    See if this helps :- 16825/P0441/001089 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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    alloy wheels looking nut key

    Go to an Audi dealer with your registration document and they will be able to order one for you.
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    Audi Single Din Concert, anyone got a spare?

    Aiden, I have complete DD setup available if you fancy a change. PM me for further info.
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    If you have a steering module beginning with 1K0 then CC works in the 'alternative mode'. The SET button does nothing. To activate pull towards you and down, once activated press upwards to increase speed and downwards to reduce speed. CC will disengage when clutch pedal or brake is pressed. To...
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    want to fit a multi function steering wheel

    Jay, first thing to do is a search on this forum for MFSW. There are loads of threads on the subject. It will very much depend on the year of your car and the type of wheel you have. All wheels have the same physical fitment on the splines but after that it can be a minefield ! You need to make...
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    a3 poor radio reception

    Unfortunately you will need a new screen - they can't be fixed ! I would guess at about £250 fitted
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    will this wiring loom fit my a3?

    Try it first. If it works and the loom wasn't a special order then they may give a refund. If it was a special order then you could have a problem but someone on the forum might take it off you !
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    will this wiring loom fit my a3?

    You can always try it ! If the airbag fits the wheel and the harness came with the airbag then chances are it should work. The correct harness started life as 8P0 971 589 Q but now has the suffix AD
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    What bulbs to get? (bright white)

    If you read the 'blurb' you will see they are not road legal ! However, they do make legal ones which are not bad. Also Osram Nightbreakers are quite good.