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    I'm breaking up the beast.

    Is it a wagon or sedan? I know we are in need of 2 screws from a door panel and the wood trim piece on the driver door for memory seats and the clips behind it. For a wagon, we need the parcel shelf and the third tail light (top middle) along with tailgate struts.
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    Centre Brake Light not working when cold

    How do i get the center light out?
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    Third brake light

    Can anyone share a part number? Just got this car having issues and don’t know the part to get. 2007 A6 Avant.
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    S3 Oil Level Sensor: System Fault

    Dealer. It’s going back Monday.
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    S3 Oil Level Sensor: System Fault

    I just had my oil changed and got same error. Any ideas?
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    Add noise to BLIS

    Is there an ability to add an audible warning to the blind spot system if I try to change lanes and someone is next to me like on most other manufacturers?
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    8V VCDS Mods

    I have a US Speck 2016 A3 e-tron. I followed the instruction I was given to make my DRL stay on when using flashers/turn signals, but now it goes from orange to white but not full white, its as though it’s a old bulb that has to warm up. So its bright orange then white that goes from 0%-100% as...
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    Facelift Choosing a pre-owned A3 8V FL: upgrade possibilities

    I went aftermarket for my Pre FL. The RSNav has wireless car play you just need to trick the AMI to use Aux audio source and it uses the pre wired RSNav box. FYI. The add on box does have input for two RCA port cameras.
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    Facelift Choosing a pre-owned A3 8V FL: upgrade possibilities

    I got the 3.5mm Audi adapter for the AMi and now the audio works great for my wireless CarPlay. Haven’t had too much chance to play with Siri yet.
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    Facelift Choosing a pre-owned A3 8V FL: upgrade possibilities

    I just got the RS Nav unit that adds wireless CarPlay to our 8V platform. The thing works OK. I have two major issues with it that I haven’t found a solution to yet. 1. No Audio comes through the speakers as I cannot set my source to “Aux” as I don’t have that as an option in my stock MIB...
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    Factory fit 18s what tyres ?

    Sorry, I have 50k on mine, but i know they were continentals.
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    Which module is this in?
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    How’d you do that? Also anyone know which module to go in to make the car direct vs gradual? To help with responsiveness?
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    Retro fit headlight washers

    The climate where I live would warrant it when it gets super dusty. We have major dust storms and such here.
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    Retro fit headlight washers

    My bumper has the cutouts already so that saves some.