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  • If you've got the choice I'd go for the quattro, totally sure footed at all times, from what I know/previous high powered 2wd and speaking to other people, chipping the 2wd just results in slippage in anything other than perfect conditions.

    Also there is plenty of mid range with mine, it never feels lacking at all. It feels as quick as my old TT 225 which had a remap/CAI/Exhaust and more so you wouldn't feel short changed.

    And the clutch will be fine, mine died before I had it remapped due to age and an unfortunate entrance onto the motorway (I was stuck behind a slow truck getting on the motorway at around 60mph, dropped it back into 3rd gear and pulled out and bang - the clutch just went, it shouldnt have but it did)

    Hope this helps, mine's up for sale btw!
    Hi mike... Hope you dont mind the direct email.

    I noticed that you have the 2.0T Quattro with a remap. I am just about to purchase either the 2wd or quattro but can't make my mind up. Like you I will be mapping the car to around 255. How does this set up work for you? I am contemplating going for the 2wd as I fear I may lose mid range performance with the quattro due to extra wieght and drive.

    What are your thoughts does yours feel quick through all gears or just of the mark??also I can see from a previous post that you have replaced the cluch. Was this down to the additional power increase?? Would really appreciate you help as I don't want to go for the 2wd version and sliming the wheels constantly due to the remap.

    Look forward to your responce

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