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    Key fob will not lock or unlock

    I dont know what that coil is.But i have been told that your problems could be the switch
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    Key fob will not lock or unlock

    I think you have a fault in the ignition switch which will need a specialist to fix
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    New owner, from B5 S4 to B8 A4!

    looks good.Any nice extras?
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    A4 b7 2.0t bul engine heater only blowing red hot or a/c

    when does it do this?On auto or manual or both?Could be related to the flap controlling the air from the heater which is only fully open or closed and not reacting to the temp setting.The motors can stick but this one maybe has lost its sensitivity to the setting.Not easy to get at though
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    1.9 Running cool after CTS & Stat change

    Although taking the stat out could help if it showed no difference which would indicate that it wasnt working at all or not closing shut tight.On the other hand if it ran even colder then the stat would be doing something.I have tried dangling a stat in water and watching as its heated to...
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    HELP! windscreen demister

    Mine still isnt to be trusted .Moves nicely all summer then suddenly sticks and later frees itself randomly.I now leave the screen button on so that I have got demisting when needed and avoid going auto .Although its just passed another mot and drives well its not worth throwing time and money...
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    Slipping Clutch

    They should sort it or get your money back
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    Urgent advice please! 3.0Tdi viewing tomorrow

    Very low mileage for the age.This is a lot to take on as a runabout but great V6 to drive and Quattro is solid gearbox
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    2.5 Tdi Quattro rad leak

    Dread to think what a garage would have charged.Do you think it was corrosion or damage ?
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    Audi A4 B6 2.5TDI V6 sudden loud knocking now not idling or driving with smoke

    I havent looked on here for a while but sorry to see you have had no response.I have a 2.5tdi which has been in the family for over 10 years and is still a great drive being a high end quattro auto.I am not at all clever with major fixes but with my son we have always serviced and done the...
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    2nd key fob

    Someone near me will supply a new reprogrammed key for about half Audi charge
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    audi b6 cabrio 2.5tdi wont start . can you normally hear fuel pump in tank

    It did sound like air in the fuel line.It might have a leak somewhere which can be hard to trace but strange if it was ok before
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    audi b6 cabrio 2.5tdi wont start . can you normally hear fuel pump in tank

    It is and its often sat for weeks and then starts first time.
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    audi b6 cabrio 2.5tdi wont start . can you normally hear fuel pump in tank

    I can only say that I have never heard a pump when starting my Avant or just with ignition on.Hope you fix it