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    Leasing advice?

    We've leased two cars this year and found the deals on leaseloco. Play around with mileage and terms because there are some quirks in the system. On some vehicles, it was cheaper going for the next mileage bracket up than the one you wanted.
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    Any detailers north east

    The wife is in a Cupra Facebook group and someone just put photos of their Formentor having just been done at Pilote Detailing in Boldon. Looks good. Their website says a new car detail with ceramic coating from £600
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    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Mrs took delivery of a new Cupra Formentor last week. Gave it a coat of Waxaddict Quartz which I've had for ages as shown in photo. But bought some Soft99 Fusso Coat yesterday so think I'll strip it all off and apply that, and also do my A4. Might get a DA and polish my A4 prior to apply Fusso...
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    post wash wax for nano grey?

    Maybe something like Gyeon Prep?
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    Any detailers north east

    In the menu section, under services. They will have the car a few days.
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    Any detailers north east

    Full detail with paint correction and ceramic coating such as GTechniq plus wheels and interior will probably be pushing over £800 + VAT at DDB
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    Any detailers north east

    DDB Detailing in North Shields are superb
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    Variable Servicing

    When they say in line with manufacturers recommendation. Would the MMI service interval indicator count as the recommendation? Mine was initially showing first oil change at 14500 miles but is now saying 17000 miles.
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    I find wired AA rather glitchy at the best of times. Like sometimes, after a couple of oral replies to messages it just loses the plot and stops reducing the music volume so it can't hear what you're saying. Does wireless overcome this?
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    Audi Lease - Acceptable Damage Limits

    My 2017 A4 went back to Audi last month. Mannheim inspected it. There was a small 10mm long scratch through the paint that cost £110 and a 50p piece size impact on the rear bumper which cost me £55. A 35mm long scuff on one alloy was noted but not charged. The Mannheim guy told me to reject...
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    Joining the B9 club

    Welcome. Which engine did you opt for? My previous A4 came with an Audi boot liner entirely in error which I've put into my new B9. Can't fault it though imagine they're expensive. I have no recommendations on rubber mats as I just use the Audi carpet ones
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    Metallic rattle

    I had a gearstick on my old 2017 A4 make a rattle like this. Took a while to try to work out where it was from. Audi replaced the gearstick if I recall correctly.
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    B9 2.0 TFSI or 2.0 TDI 190

    I had a 2017 A4 190 TDI Ultra manual and switched to a 2021 204PS TFSI S Tronic. On a long run, Newcastle to Cambridge, the TDI computer showed over 68mpg. Working out at refill wasn't far away either. Two weeks ago the TFSI got 52mpg and refueling worked out just over 51mpg. It's a MHEV so...
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    Pilot Sport 4 or CrossClimate+? Oldham, UK

    Not tried Cross Climates, but I had Ultragrip winter tyres on my last A4 and didn't find them all that great in the winter. The back end used to get out of shape in the snow on the corners in our estate, especially adverse camber ones. Might have been the weight of the car, but my A3 had...
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    Fuel prices on MMI

    On my 2017 A4, it had a feature within Audi Connect that brought up fuel prices. Does the 2021 model still do this? I saw a screenshot online that shows them in the search box next to the petrol station name but mine doesn't display these.