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    Help Please Turbo Underboost After EGR Delete

    UPDATE: I had time yesterday to fit a blanking plate. For my engine (CJCB), the EGR valve is combined with the cooler as one unit, and there is a pipe which runs through the back of the engine before connecting inbetween the intake manifold and throttle body. I fitted the blanking plate...
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    Help Please Turbo Underboost After EGR Delete

    Hi @bobby singh , Thanks for the reply. No the EGR was only deleted via software and no blanking plate was installed. I did purchase a plate just in case, so I think I'll install it first to see there is any difference. I have in fact been reading about the turbo actuators being faulty but I...
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    Help Please Turbo Underboost After EGR Delete

    Hey all, I have an A4 B8 2.0 tdi (CJCB) which has been experiencing many issues recently. Initially, the car went in to limp mode because of the EGR becoming blocked. After failing to attempt to clean it due to the EGR valve for this particular engine being combined with the cooler, I resorted...
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    Set to Remember Last State of Stop/Start Using Carista

    I have an A4 B8 2011 and tried using the carista app to turn on the option for the car to remember if the stop/start was turned on/off before the engine was turned off, since as of now it turns back on when the engine is restarted. However, even though the option has been selected in the app, my...
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    Number Plate Light Flicker When Engine Is Running

    @Darren92 yh realised that now tbh and am thinking of replacing them with the led units that t8ups sells, but just trying to salvage the last of the leds that i have now. The thing is that those leds i bought from crazyleds were a replacement for the another set of leds i had purchased...
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    Number Plate Light Flicker When Engine Is Running

    Ok guys so I bought some LED festoons for my a4 b8 2011 around 3 months ago from CrazyLEDs, and they seemed to be working well. But yesterday, while one of my mates was driving behind me, he told me that the far side bulb was flickering. So I checked and was confused because when I unlocked the...
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    Hi i have an Audi A4 b8 and was looking for led bulbs to replace my blown out ones. I think the...

    Hi i have an Audi A4 b8 and was looking for led bulbs to replace my blown out ones. I think the sizes are 38mm festoons. Could you quote me a price as well. Thanks.
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    Emissions Scandal Software Update

    Hi guys sorry if this is a repeat of another thread. Just received a letter today from audi saying that I would be called in for a "software update" for my audi a4 2.0 tdi. My question is whether anyone knows if the update will hinder performance , or what the update actually changes. Thanks.
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    Knocking sounds from back of car

    Hi guys I've got an audi a4 b8 chassis and I keep hearing knocking sounds from the back of my car when going on a high enough gear uphill. For example gear 2 uphill at a reasonable speed. I'm baffled because I've gone to a mechanic but he explains there is nothing wrong. I'm sure it's something...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Beast mode activated.
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    ISOFIX cover

    Thanks! I'll check it out
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    ISOFIX cover

    Nope how does that work?
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    ISOFIX cover

    Does anyone know where i can purchase one of these cheap? I have checked on eBay and they seem quite expensive (£10) for one cover, so was wondering if anyone knew where i could find one for cheaper. I don't mind if its second hand, just as long as its in decent condition. Thanks.