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    Replacing Fan Wheel?

    Hi my fan wheel has at some point shattered and all the fins are now missing. I have found the part I need however I'm not sure how to fit it, it looks lke it may just slide on and off. Has anyone got any experience in this department?
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    Clunking and squeaking front suspension

    I had the clunking problem when I first got my motor - You might want to check your drop links!
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    Alloy upgrade - Spacer advice needed!

    HI, I'm upgrading my wheels from 205/55/r16 7js to 225/40/r40 7.5js - Could someone help me and tell me if 20mm spacers will be suffice?
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    GT5 time trial challenge

    I managed 1'43 before my PS3 YLODed! Hopefully it will be running again after I have dis-assembeld it!
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    2.5 tdi quattro front driveshaft!

    why dont you check the parts catalogue -
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    A6 suspension durability

    the suspension arms are pretty common - I have replaced three in the last 3 years but then my motor has done 185K and on a 98 plate. Its them blasted speed bumps causing us all an increase in maintenance costs!
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    Brake pad warning symbol

    it might be just a dodgy contact!
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    PS3 Lan party

    HI Sparks, I think you just need a hub and some standard ethernet to connect your PS3s together rather than a crosss over cable!
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    SnowCamp Snowball Rally - Sponsor Me!

    OOps - Thanks for that Fingermouse!
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    SnowCamp Snowball Rally - Sponsor Me!

    I haven't ben on here for a while but hope you generous peeps could sponsor me. Im taking part in SnowCamp Snowball Rally I know times are hard what with the recession and keeping your motors on the road, however if you could spare a...
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    2.5TDI 1998 sudden smoke

    Is it black or white smoke?
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    Kwik Fit - Recharge or no Charge!

    My AC seems to have gone on the blink - would taking it to Kwik fit be a wise first option?
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    VAG Parts Swindon

    **** - Tis a shame, they were always very helpful!
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    VAG Parts Swindon

    Have they closed down? I tried the number i have in my phone 01793 487700 and it doesn't appear to be active anymore. Does anyone have their new number?
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    New Owner Question

    hmmmm if you have the same cover as my old 98 then you should see four circular caps that cover four retaining bolts! Welcome to the forum!