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    Experience of handing a car back at the end of a PCP?

    End of July I traded my 25 month old A6 in with 11 months of the PCP left. I was 5000 miles under the mileage allowance, car loaded with options and in immaculate condition. I tried the sell privately route to see if there was any interest - and despite the price being 2K under any price of...
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    Thoughts on these

    Stunning car and stunning wheels presently - both go so well together - the new wheels wouldn't be my choice - the car would get overlooked with those on. Martin
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    Rhyso's Family Wagon

    Glad you got it sorted Rhyso - the car looks stunning - it sounds like the enjoyment of the car has returned.
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    Rhyso's Family Wagon

    Rhyso - sounds like an absolute nightmare. Here's hoping that he can get it sorted - must be at the end of your bad luck now - fingers crossed. Martin
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    Rhyso's Family Wagon

    Oh dear - that doesn't sound good?
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    Facelift Defaulting to Radio Favourites

    I have an 18 plate S Line BE with the virtual cockpit. I cannot find any reference to defaulting to the radio favourites in any of the settings on the MMI or the owners manual. It annoys me that I have to go into the menu to get the favourites listed again, as the wife's taste in radio station...
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    Fixed service plan confusion

    Did my first two services at German independent specialists - saved £320 over the best prices that Audi offered at the time. Just traded the A6 in for an A3 and had no quarrel at all over it not being serviced at Audi when it came to the trade in price. The service plan was offered at...
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    Standard sound system upgrade

    Some amazing knowledge and interesting reading - but I have no idea what most of this means - I have just changed from a standard A6 setup to the B&O in the A3 and I am not blown away by the difference in the two.
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    A3/s3 sportback boot

    Mine are connected (2 year old unit)- the front unit does all the recording - rear camera connects for both power and recording through a micros usb via the one cable
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    A3/s3 sportback boot

    Just installed my Thinkware F750 that I took out of my A6 and placed the front and rear camera in the 2018 A3. I hard wired this into the nearside fuse box (can't remember which fuses but can look later if needs be). Wires to rear run up front passenger door door along top and across rear...
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    PCP - Options

    Well - finally got my act together and sorted out the next car. My A6 is now 26 months old and I have enjoyed every single one of the 12250 miles that I have been in it. Without a doubt the best car that I have ever owned. Put a deposit on a pre registered Audi A3 1.5 TFSI cylinder on demand...
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    S6 New Car Detail

    Had mine done on purchase from Inspired Automotive - Wakefield. First car I have had ceramic coated and although still low mileage and two years old the coating is still going really strong. I share your view on easy cleaning and in my opinion worth every penny spent on high value cars. Enjoy...
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    Rhyso's Family Wagon

    Crikey Rhyso - that sounds expensive - sorry to hear that - hope the repairs go well. Martin
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    It looks like the mirrors are on the Doors?