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    IF they build it.....

    They've finally started orders for it, at £65k base price!
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    Happy 1st Birthday and Service

    I need to get mine booked, well under 12 months, but just coming up to 9k, going to get them to check out the rough running on a cold start, and the brakes, which can make a bit of noise at low speeds (presumably when it's actually using the pads because there's not enough engine speed to take...
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    Battery range

    It doesn't affect range at all, only charge time. You'd need a bigger battery to get more range
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    A3 E-tron mpg so far

    That's basically the approach I'm taking, EV wherever possible, because even if it's not a free charge it's a fraction of the cost of petrol, despite charging almost every night it's not made a significant impact on my electricity bill so far, but obviously it's been over summer when usage...
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    Audi Connect query

    You don't get calls/texts through the sim in the car, those options are only available through bluetooth, the sim in the car is only ever used for data. I'm not sure about having a default if you have multiple phones paired and both trying to connect at once, but you won't be able to switch...
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    A3 E-tron mpg so far

    The boot space isn't really significantly reduced, most of the space cost is absorbed by not having a tyre well. beyond that it's negligible, you lose an inch or two floor to ceiling height, but it's yet to present anything I can't fit in that I could get in the 2014 A3 I had as a courtesy car...
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    Post Pictures Of Your e-tron

    Yeah, and living at the edge of a building site isn't helping that at the moment, just gives me plenty of excuse to keep it clean though
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    My e-tron is finally ready! - Trade-in conundrum

    Because it is, the age of a car is judged on it's plate date, not it's registration date, so a late 15 could be seen as being upto 6 months older than it is. I couldn't have waited until 65 without cancelling my order. I've just decided not to trade in and sell my own. I'm now in proud...
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    My e-tron is finally ready! - Trade-in conundrum

    So after nearly 7 months of waiting my car is in the UK and making it's way to Preston Audi for me to pick up. When I initially ordered I had a trade in agreed for my 57 A4 of £2000, which at the time was pretty low for the age/mileage, but I was assured that if I sold it privately then it...
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    Love This Video

    Great video, only disapointing that we won't get inductive charging just yet though!
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    Audi A3 E-tron

    Mine has gone from 26 to 24, but they said there was still a chance of it coming further forward. I'd better get my a4 cleaned up and sold!
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    Battery range

    Yeah, might be an advertising standards thing, it's expected rather than upto.
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    Software issue potentially preventing car from starting

    A shame that can't be done remotely considering it can be online. My boss has a Tesla and has had an update/reboot while driving uninterrupted, which I was very impressed by.
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    Audi A3 E-tron

    My expected delivery date was the end of March. Maybe my dealership were just a bit more proactive with it, I know they've had a couple of their orders cancelled, so they might have a bit more pressure they can apply to keep their remaining ones.