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    Pricing Advice

    Well alas need to sell my car, anyone comment on what sort of price these are getting, I was thinking about 19k + and a dealer offered me 17k trade-in It is a Nov 58, with FBSW, Cruise, and RNS Mk2 with only 13k miles. very good condition. Many Thanks for any advice.
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    A4 Dynamik

    Pretty much agree with you, bluetooth, AMI a must, Ipod connectivity waste of time with no track info and like I said not sure i could live with the poor looking screen after getting used to a 2011 RNSe.
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    A4 Dynamik

    It was at Epsom Audi. Nice Car. I think i deceided though I would prefer a better spec'd one and then add then add the styling kit and wheels.
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    My A4 with OEM styling "Phantom" (Many pictures)

    Just been reading the forums and that is one nice looking car. Make me think about getting an A4 more and more. Love the way it looks with the addition of a little bit of body kit. Am i to assume the body kit was sourced from Audi dealer? Thanks
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    A4 Dynamik

    Well went to day and had a look, seemed nice car, 4k miles, ex demo 25k, but nor sure i could live with the NAV screen, looked really bad. Nice body kit on them and really nice looking dashboard and DIS infomation.... Ho hum,,,
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    A4 Dynamik

    Can I ask if anyone knows what the NAV is like? I currently have a 2011 RNS fittted in my S3 is it the same as that? or an older type screen. Thanks.
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    A4 Dynamik

    So just to hijack the thread slightly, is the general view that this is a good spec car to have. I have seen one but was unsure if it would not be better to go for a s-line spec ? with high tech pack etc.
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    Another thanks to Nigel -

    Ill think you will find my friend "with benefits" made you a lovely cup of tea.
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    Another thanks to Nigel -

    Did you like the way I used the word "we", lol. As in you did all the work and I did all the talking and standing around. :cool:
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    Another thanks to Nigel -

    It is a MK2, I like the fact it does NOT have a shiny black surround.
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    Another thanks to Nigel -

    Nigel came and visited me a few week ago and waved his magic wand. This was cruise control being fitted, which I love using to help with those MPG's. And then "we" fitted a new RNS-e mk 2 New ariel needed, bah End result: Great bit of kit........and of course Top Job, Top...
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    2008 58 S3 Bose

    Well after driving my car around for a while I am going to listen to BOSE at the weekend and if it sounds nicer I am going to retrofit as like OEM soo much, like most things as hard as it will be to do the satisfaction at the end when it is finished and working will be worth it. (i hope).
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    I have a facelift 2008 s3, i am just about to fit a 2011 RNS but need better sounds, really...

    I have a facelift 2008 s3, i am just about to fit a 2011 RNS but need better sounds, really wanted bose with the car but couldnt get it. My question is can i get a stealth install from these guys and keep my RNS unit and still get nice sound and bass. Thanks.
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    First mod done - the required tints so kids can watch their DVD's lol....
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    3 door Vs Sportback....

    3 door all the way, just changed from a 4 door, I have kids but its not me having to climb in the back or get out for them. :rock: