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    that damn extra wipe!

    This drives me nuts too! Just when the windscreen is clear it rubs it again and obscurs the view again!
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    Good old lumpy idle!

    You must have spent more than the car is worth! :)
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    Good old lumpy idle!

    Thanks Mike, I replaced the wiring loom about 3 months ago as i was hoping it was that. Ill look for NHN. Thanks again.
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    Good old lumpy idle!

    Hi Guys, I have an a3 2.0 TDI (2004) BKD. I still have my rough idle that only occurs while the car is heating up. Final straw so i sent it into Audi yesterday for 3 hours. They checked everything and literally nothing is showing a fault- nothing! So my car is fine but yet idles like...
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    Where to Buy a spoiler ?

    I got one from GARY1971. Its exactly as described above. Very roughly moulded, doesnt take paint well and sits too high off the back end of the car. Dont do it!
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    Headlight problem

    Cheers man! No its not deep because i pulled away as soon as i seen it start to happen. The surface is just gone rough- it looks like it would polish out again. Hopefully!
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    Headlight problem

    Hi Guys, Ok minor problem (i hope). Had my first stab at polishing my A3 with a rotary the other day. Results were great as the car shines now. However, when i decided :wacko: just to run a wool bonnet gently over the headlight casing just to buff it up. When i was on the left head light the...
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    Damn it...knocking sound

    Ha ha ha! Two audi garages later, with varying diagnoses of loose engine mounts, dodgy gearbox, flywheel going, i have stumbled accross the problem...and you wont believe it! ...turns out the knocking sound upon aggressive accelleration was a miniature screw driver that i left under the...
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    Revs on Idle?

    Hi there! Just wondering...what is the correct idle speed for the 2004 2.0tdi BKD engine? Often my car vibrates like a b*tch on idle when cold. (I know loads of people have this problem). Its currently idling at that time at about 800 revs. It sounds almost as if its being trangled and is...
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    New RS3 shots...its coming!

    Is it just me or do the front wheels look larger than the back wheels? Maybe im just going crazy from staring at it????
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    Good spoiler for the A3?

    Dont go ebay. I bought one out of curiosity. It was very rough moulded. The paint didnt take well to it at all (local audi dealer sprayed it for me). In fact due to small bumps in it i can now see bubble in the paint starting. Stay away!
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    New RS3 shots...its coming!

    Aesthetically speaking, thats just an S3 with a different front bumper. Not over impressed.
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    Poor MPG Tdi 140

    I rarely go below 50mpg with any style of driving..apart from flooring it! On daily motorway trips to work i usually hit 65mpg easiyl enough.
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    Mysterious disappearing oil!?

    Hi, My dads 2002 B6 Audi A4 (1.6) is mysteriously loosing about 1 litre of oil every 1000-1200 miles. He has had it checked by the audi dealer and shown no problems. No leaks, no abnormal emissions showing burning oil...nothing!! I read another thread saying that these engines can drink oil...
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    Styling Do's and Dont's

    Badging your car as something better than it is = DON'T Im not so anti-badging your car. I havnt done it myself but i can see why some people do. The styling of and S3 is much nicer than an A3 2.0TDI. However not everyone can afford an S3. Not everyone can afford to run and S3. Some people like...