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    Life after RS3

    I'm not so sure. No details as I now realise the rarity of these cars and how much they can be tracked via the net. I sold the first car easily and I'd like this one to go the same way. I'm happy to answer GTR vs RS3 though there isn't really much to say. In my hands on my best 2ish mile lap...
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    Life after RS3

    Hi Neil, thanks, sure did once the new garage door was fitted, which I'm glad I did because it's a big beast, I'm already on my second one because the market has been heading upwards which is a rarity for cars. That said I'm not driving around in it everyday, I'm using my generic VAG DSG...
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    Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One- anyone getting it?

    Yep I'm also playing this, the RS5 is superb in FH2. Add me on Xbox live for Rivals etc if you want GT: MBK72
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    Life after RS3

    Hello again all, it's been about 8 months since I sold the RS3 so I thought I'd do a little write up on life after the RS3. I'm not going to bang on about the abilities or attributes of other cars here, that would probably just cause a negative response on a single brand site, but I might...
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    Hello chaps, it's been a while. I think it's worth remembering our bias for listening to the unusual story, more people will be talking about a failure than a car with no problems. I launched my RS3 before and after remap many times on Conti and wide, sticky MPSS tyres. It was the RS3 party...
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    Audi S3 - 0-60mph =3.77, 0-100mph = 8.92

    These are impressive numbers for the S3. My previous RS3 ran consistent 4.2 0-60 (standard) and when mapped these were the best figures (but these figures are on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres which offered much greater traction), my Vbox confirmed the same figures, the average over 10 runs...
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    Fair point on the second thread John and: the Pagid RS4-2 'blue' didn't squeal on road or track. To be clear about one downside they don't like working on discs that have a lot of surface 'rust' if left out in the wet, took a few heavy applications to clear that. Oh and they produce a thick...
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    I agree about the DS2500 (good on similar weight Evo's and Scooby's) and the Pagid RS4-2 'Blue' are also worth considering. These worked perfectly for me on the RS3 both for road and track and didn't cause much disc wear either. As you've already said forget EBC Redstuff for any track work...
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    The power of branding over actual performance I fear.
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    S3 Saloon now in Forza 5

    Yep Forza 5 looks good these days doesn't it, they've upgraded the video quality for Upload Studio so you can actually get HD quality footage to YouTube.
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    S3 Saloon now in Forza 5

    I thought a few of you might like to know the latest S3 is now available in Forza 5. A newly laser mapped and inch perfect Nurburgring was also added in a recent update so there is a lot more playability to the game these days. I'm going to see what 'ring lap time I can extract from the S3 and...
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    Just as worrying that Audi/VW group are well aware of this problem but now happily fitting this very same system to Golf GTi PP and Seat Leon Cupra 'Nurbrurgring pack' equipped cars...I wonder if that is where all our old sets are ending up? Despite what they say this is no track disc/pad set...
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    This is as funny as it gets...

    Not directly RS3 related but I'm sure you chaps will forgive me as Audi won once again at Le Mans: BMW wins Le Mans! « Sniff Petrol The ultimate furious pleasuring machine....! Nothing more to add.
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    61 plate Daytona RS3 at the parking spot above Dinas Mawddwy on Monday afternoon (2pm ish), looked like you were enjoying the view!
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - Thoughts?

    John, you will love the MPSS an engineering masterpiece, how they make the outer edge so durable and the wear across the tyre so consistent is beyond my comprehension. I only wish I was on commission from Michelin all the good words I've written about them. Just take a look at how the motoring...