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    Vehicle Wrapping

    Logos dont need to be over complicated, a decent weighty font and maybe just a tweak in it, a slice through a letter perhaps with a slight curl to represent the wrap aspect. We start brand creations at £500 and go from there so not getting much at a five is not surprising but you should be...
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    Vehicle Wrapping

    what are the logo's you have had made up, what was wrong with them? I work in this area and your best bet is to do a little homework and find logos you like and look at why you like them, colours, fonts, styles, decals etc. Use google, behance, pinterest etc. Will help the designer get it nailed...
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    my old cossie

    Lovely motor, my mate had a white 2wd, first day he gets it I took it for a spin in the wet - first time in a RWD and when that turbo kicked in **** it was sideways and my mate nearly dived onto my lap grabbing for the wheel! Fortunately i let off and it snapped back in and we gingerly headed home!
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    Honda Civic Type R

    Had a few EP3's and loved them, different drive to a turbo'd motor but when used to it, an addictive screamer of a drive, and that gear position made you feel like a touring car driver hahah.
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    Vehicle Wrapping

    My biggest concern would be the level of skill and care being paid to my car, and what might be done and then covered up with the wrap, ie scratches from blades etc that would only be found when the wrap is removed and hard to prove who did it and when. Next up i guess would be knowing that the...
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    Peeling Handbrake swtich?

    thought I would update, dropped the car in for a service and noted the peeling switch to which they said they would take a look. When collecting the car they said it is a warranty issue and is booked in to be replaced in a couple of weeks time.
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    Car arriving tomorrow - advice on selling mine

    Selling with finance on it WILL be off putting, dont put it in the advert, let people call and talk to them at that point (before they travel to view). See if they can pay the finance direct, in which case they do and clear it and pay you any remainder. If not, then have them pay your via...
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    Peeling Handbrake swtich?

    Cheers mate, will give it a go when it is in for the service, I am the second owner but hopefully still makes no difference.
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    Peeling Handbrake swtich?

    Noticed that the brushed chrome tip to the handbrake switch is peeling off, car is only a just over a year old, anyone else had this? Guessing Audi aren't going to sort under warranty? ANd guessing it will be a nightmare job to change the switch?
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    Your cars/family cars from the 80's and 90's.

    My old man always had bangers for work, normally cortina or granada estates. He had an XJ6 for weekends, was stunning. He also had this, gutting he turned down a mint e-Type just before the prices rocketed as my old lady refused to let him buy it as he had this sat in the garage already...
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    Spotted the other day someone has pinched a centre cap of the misses A1, not a biggy, then notice they have tried to dig the headlamp washer jet out of the front bumper and stolen the the colour coded plate off it! FFS, managed to get the mechanism all back in and working, but imagine it will be...
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    VAG recall half a million cars

    The misses had her letter today from Audi to say when a fix is created her's will be recalled, wonder what difference to performance / economy it will make. Can't see many people being happy with a drop in either.
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    A3 Quattro blown up on day of purchase...

    Glad the lad was sensible. I got tucked up royally years back, bought an older clio on behalf of a mate, was about £500 cheaper than the going rate but drove fine. About an hour later it started making a right racket and turned out the bottom end was going, crank I think. Bloke had used some...
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    New S3 and TTS Stolen today!

    Reason I say cctv is not worth it is that when the scum see it they just put their hoods up and scarf across their face. A quick look on youtube will see endless clips of scum breaking in places littered with camera. Maybe a deterrent to some but not to the determined and those who would be...
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    New S3 and TTS Stolen today!

    Sorry to hear this mate. Most quick cars are stolen for use in robberies or false plates slapped on and used for criminal activities as they are quick a bit tasty for the scum. Normally but not always 4 doors - easier to get in and out quickly hence evo's made great cars for them to take a few...