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    After a B6 Door Handle Cover

    Will it fit a cabby? Not sure if there is a difference or not
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    After a B6 Door Handle Cover

    So my driver's door handle cover has come off and I don't know where it is. Have a few questions... Will anyone fit (Avant cab saloon?) on my cab? As long as it is drivers door? I've seen its a common problem, should I bother with the spring clip or just bond it on? Anyone breaking a b6 or have...
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    A4 2003 Convertible roof wont open

    And this is their website showing all the different faults and how to fox them. Work out what fault it is and then try a suggested fix.
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    A4 2003 Convertible roof wont open

    Try closing when roof is manually put down?
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    A4 Cabriolet 2005, emmission warning light

    Suggestion; get it scanned by vcds (or another code reader), find out the actual cause. You will at least have an idea of why this is happening. Clear fault (if it clears) and then see if it comes back. If it does, investigate the code further!
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    Plastic grilles looking a little grey - permanent fix?

    Mines grey too, oh wait, mines sapphire, as it is a an S4. Sorry, I had to!!
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    VCDS Supplier

    One post above yours pal, shows the official distributors. Go to UK, choose one :)
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    Hex-can cable?

    Looks that way pal... Try for second hand one if you need the hex-can. Hex-net is the new technology, but is expensive. Ross-Tech® VCDS® interface changes - Updated 13/01/2017 As of 2017, Ross-Tech have retired the HEX-USB and Micro-CAN interfaces and now offer the HEX-V2® and HEX-NET®
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    Audi A4 2007 Cabriolet - roof problems... help please!

    Funny cos that video is the same one linked to above their first comment. :blink: :whistle2:
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    B6 Cabriolet Knocking sound on semi lock (Left and Right Turn)

    Top mounts? Happened on a Peugeot I had, and on lock would knock or "spring" once in a while. Don't know how wheels would do that though. PS, I'm no mechanic, and I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just guessing.
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    On my s4 if I boot it hard out a corner I get the light flashing and the car correcting itself. Also, you can't fully turn it off. Pressing it and turning it "off", you turn off the stability program but not the traction control, or vice versa, can't remember which one, but the above sounds...
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    Cabriolet colour & extra options

    I'm offended there, Dan. Mine is not just black with black roof, it is ebony black pearl, with a black roof... Trying to add photos but they're "too large" to add. Flake pop shot here Anyway, ebony black...
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    Check on the map and ask your nearest vcds user. Map is here -
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    Fake/Cloned Cables

    Did you try (or think about) getting the coding correct yourself? I could maybe help? What car and module is it? We could go through the coding and see if it will rectify. The module coded incorrectly just means that something doesn't match with another module. I had it with navigation and...
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    Fake/Cloned Cables

    Anyone from this list.