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    For Sale DTUK CRD-T+ Tuning Box (Audi A1 2.0 TDI 2013)

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    For Sale DTUK CRD-T+ Tuning Box (Audi A1 2.0 TDI 2013)

    Still available. Make me an offer.
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    For Sale DTUK CRD-T+ Tuning Box (Audi A1 2.0 TDI 2013)

    DTUK CRD-T+ engine tuning box. Used on my 2013 Audi A1 2.0 TDI for 3 years, and only selling now as I have sold the car. I believe DTUK will reprogram these for other cars for a fee, but please check with them first. It is my understanding that this tuning box will fit a lot of the VAG 2.0 TDIs...
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    For Sale 2013 Audi A1 2.0 TDI 3 Door

    That would have been a sensible addition, now added to the advert, but £7,995.
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    For Sale 2013 Audi A1 2.0 TDI 3 Door

    Audi A1 S Line 3 Door - £7,995 Great Condition MOT to 06/11/2020 - 72,000 miles 2.0TDI with FASH Timing belt & water pump replaced at 69,945 on 28/10/2019 Very hi-spec vehicle including the following specification: - Full leather interior - Supersports front seats - Gloss black seat backs -...
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    A1 Air-conditioning Condenser Failure

    Just had my A1 in for an Aircon service and was told the condenser has a hole it and will need replacing for circa £600! I've read a couple of posts form 2014 about this being a known issue. Has anyone else had hhis problem and if so what did you pay to get it fixed? Thanks
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    Mr JWW’s ABT Upgrade

    How much was it start to finish including labour and everything if you don't mind me asking? Did you need any other upgrades apart from the ABT module and the springs, such as intercooler or air intake?
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    Puddle Lights A1

    No worries, really simple to fit you just need to prise the old ones out gently with a thin flat head screwdriver or Stanley knife and plug the new ones in.
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    Puddle Lights A1

    Bit late to the party but my girlfriend bought me these for Christmas and they're great at a fraction of the cost that I would imagine OEM ones would cost...
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    Strange Noise on Start/Stop Activation

    Hi Everyone, Hoping you can help with a wierd noise my car is making. When the start/stop activates, and sometimes when I start the car when it is cold and it idles at about 1100rpm rather than 1000rpm it's makes an odd noise. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like a cow moo...
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    A1 sat nav

    Does anyone know if updating is as simple as getting hold of a newer SD card once it's all activated and working? Or do you have to go back to Audi? What I mean is can I pop out my 2016 SD and pop in a 2017 SD without any issues, or is it the physical SD card that needs activation rather than...
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    What dashcam are people using?

    Does the DDPAI have a parking mode do you know, couldn't see anything on their website about it? How are you finding it, any signs of overheating aft a week? Also do they do a rear camera or would you just have to buy two?