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  8. TTS Black Edition

    TTS Black Edition

  9. Matt412

    What mileage has everyone's car done? When is enough enough?

    153k here and still going strong - German Quality shines through! :)
  10. Matt412

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    Yep that was me!!
  11. Matt412

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    Blue S3 travelling east bound on the A303 between Andover & Basingstoke at around 4.45pm today. S3 V** LED's on your license plate certainly look good in the driving rain! :yes:
  12. Matt412

    Using more fuel in cold

    definately pulling harder and using more juice in the process :)
  13. Matt412

    To buy or not to buy...?

    wouldn't touch it, much rather have something with more miles on that hasn't been subjected to a serious smack
  14. Matt412

    Car going up for I mad

    Don't do it!! I take it the car needs to be more 'family friendly'?? I have had many different types of cars over the last couple of years and some of those were 3 doors. I have just bought my first S3 and cannot believe it took me so long to own one of these amazing cars. Power, stability...
  15. Matt412

    Car wash damage

    I think your chance of any recompense is fairly remote. I'm sure all of these places have notices up somewhere saying that no liability is held for any damage caused whatsoever during vehicle cleaning, albeit these notices are generally fairly obscured from view sometimes. Good luck in trying...