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    Want an A5, but muddled on choice, help!!

    Fantastic! I test drove a 2.7 A5 today and to be honest, it was quite slow. It did not feel as fast as my friends merc CLA200 (1.8litre)- 140bhp!! Shocking i know! Also, in terms of mileage, that is the only thing bugging me right now. I dont know what to ACTUALLY expect. In terms of current...
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    Want an A5, but muddled on choice, help!!

    Hi guys... First off, i used to be part of the A3 section of ASN. Sold my last to A3's (3.2 V6, and 2.0 Tdi). Since then, ive had a company car (horrid 2011 toyota avensis!) But now ive changed jobs and I get £400 of car allowance to get my own car. Fuel is also paid for at a fixed rate of...
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    Quick question...RNSE fitting

    Hi all, Got a friend with an Audi A3 2005... he has a single din unit at the moment, but has bought RNSE + Wires. So to fit, he would need a double din conversion. He is from london, and is willing to travel to get it fitted. Wondering if there is anybody around that can do it for him at a low...
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    rs4 ones i think
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    DIY - window tints

    i have watched many tutorials and it really doesnt seem that hard lol.... but ill take your comments into consideration
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    DIY - window tints

    Hi, has anybody ever tinted their back 3 windows (on a 3 door A3) by themselves?? I have bought tint rolls and i just have to put them on... any advice?
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    Dear all A3/S3/ and very lucky RS3 owners.......

    Quick message..... Please scroll down...... :yahoo::yahoo::rockwoot::kissmyrings: MERRY CHRISTMAS :kissmyrings::rockwoot::yahoo::yahoo: Have a very good one, stay safe and have a very happy new year!! :D
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    The modifications begin! (pics)

    £80 ?? They are about £200+ excluding fitting... the link you have ... is pretty much the same, except pictures look a bit stretched.
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    Replace Backbox for straight pipe + tips - for 2.0 TDi (140)

    £90?! :O now where can i get it done for that much? Im getting quoted £150 by my matey :\
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    Replace Backbox for straight pipe + tips - for 2.0 TDi (140)

    Yeah ive read that forum before and watched the video ... but i need more examples... one video just doesnt do it for me lol :( Need more information on turbo noise, whilstle, spool etc... :)
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    Replace Backbox for straight pipe + tips - for 2.0 TDi (140)

    Hi all, I know this may be a re-occuring thread, but Does anybody have any videos or audios of what their exhausts sound like after a back box removal and replaced with a straight pipe? Does it increase turbo noise? Any increase of turbo spool? and turbo dump noise (without a dump valve) Any...
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    Dirty B***H!!

    Not as dirty as the rest, but still.... :puke:
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Your grille!! :wub:
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    OEM S-line A3 Alloys - plastidip in gloss black?

    Bought my first can!! :D Cannot wait to see the end result! :)