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    Wireless Android Auto

    I backed this Indiegogo. Works flawlessly. Only negatives are - Drain on the battery - Having to connect it via bluetooth each time The second point can probably be worked round as only just got the device but definitely worth it.
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    Fog lights

    You can take off the plastic undertray covers for the fogs quite easily for access to the lights if that's what you're trying to do
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    How often do your tyre sensors go off?

    Only had it go off when I've had an actual leak. The tyre wasn't seated correctly on the alloy and so got it rotated and reseated. No warnings since touch wood!
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    Replaced Headlight Error Message

    --Update--- Turns out it was not the same headlight which was why it was throwing up the errors FYI.
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    Audi A3 2014 - Android Auto?

    I got a kit off eBay and had it fitted by and not too far from London. Only thing I will advise the kit I got I had to get a seperate bluetooth adapter as the in car bluetooth was not compatible with the android auto just FYI.
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    Replaced Headlight Error Message

    Thank you, this makes sense. I'll get the bumper off tomorrow and plug in the old headlight. If that clears the error then I'll swap the modules over and fingers crossed it will be that simple!
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    Replaced Headlight Error Message

    It's an A3 8V 1.4 TFSI 150bhp 64 reg (2015) manual S-Line saloon. I had adaptive bi-xenon headlights before and replaced it due to damage. As far as I can tell it's a like for like, only difference is they stated it came off an S3. The vehicle from what I was aware turned on the relevant fog...
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    Replaced Headlight Error Message

    Hey guys, got a second hand headlight fitted last week, since then no full beam and the "cornering lights" (fog lights) aren't coming on when turning left or right. The symbol below came up with the error message "Audi adaptive light: system fault!" I had a mate run VCDS and it said that the...
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    Replacing cracked headlight

    Hey guys, Managed to hit a pigeon the other day which has cracked my nearside headlight. Spoke to Audi and they quoted a minimum of £600 for a replacement headlight. I've checked around and it appears there's two options. Firstly to try replacing the lens off Amazon through heating it up in...
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    Carlinkit question

    I bought one of eBay. Had HazyDayz fit it for me whilst having some other work done. My A3 has the smaller screen with no touch screen support so this seemed a decent alternative. It's accessed by holding down the media button and selecting Android Auto. I can't comment on the car play as I'm...
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    Retrofit CarPlay

    I only got mine last month and being red it was about 5k cheaper then the other models I was looking at and considerably lower mileage. I'd done some research into getting car play/android auto and took the plunge and thankfully it worked out. Glad to help and hopefully the message won't get...
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    Retrofit CarPlay

    I had a kit fitted by HazzyDayz when I was up near Luton. If you need any aftermarket work done highly recommend with great service and I was offered countless cups of tea/coffee. I bought the kit off eBay and they offered to fit it for £175 whilst doing a reverse camera and parking sensors, I...
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    Xenon headlight upgrade

    I thought you had to have headlight washers and self levelling for them to be road legal?
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    need help fitting correct adapter for Kenwood head unit.

    If you have issues with the sound I found that the speaker in the centre of the dashboard needed disconnecting as anything above 16 volume would cause the audio to stutter and breakup until this was unplugged.
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    Air con compressor

    The guy who did mine recommended doing both compressor and switch as they're both possibilities, only other possibility he suggested was it was an electronics issue.