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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    @1664Hatter The rears are all different from body type. So that’s Ideal, that’s what I have, are they a bargain price?
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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    @1664Hatter Hatchback or saloon?
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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    All sorted now, thanks too Poole for taking the time to lift the mats and grab the numbers for me.
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    Sportback 8V1 RS3 MIB Update

    Looks an interesting unit that. No coding needed too. I was put off previously as some needed the AUX enabling via VCDS(which I could of done, but wasn’t keen). wonder how the sound quality is through the B&O. notice there’s no added mic too, wonder how the calls and voice are handled through...
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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    Just need a few number or an idea on colour. Was it grey or black mats? will Take you 2 mins. pretty please. :-)
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    Hello there

    Welcome to the group!
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    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    No no, not the RS design pack mats. The original plain velour ones. Someone haa put some quite nasty fake RS mats in my RS3 and I’d like to replace them with the factory supplies ones. I’m not sure what the part numbers or colour(grey, black, different stitching) is though. Anyone with a 2016...
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    Where did everyone go?

    Likewise. You also find posts end up buried and gone forever. At least with a forum you have threads that can last years, meaning the knowledge is never lost. I also miss the community aspect. When I had my Evo the forum was busy all day with friends chatting across multiple threads. The meets...
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    Xmas hols this year?

    Bank holidays? What are those, like days off:blink::glee:
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    Not necessarily. If you’re paying for a vehicle that has been unroadworthy since delivery, you can complaint to the finance company and have your monthly pay refunded.
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    Found Looking for a Cete active valve controller

    @Sandra I’ve found one, so the thread could probably be deleted.
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    I absolutely will be contacting Audi HQ. I’ve hardly drove it as I was so concerned. They really do look worse when you see them up close. The backsides were in atrocious condition. I think I’ll lodge a complaint with the finance company too, paying for a car which isn’t road worthy isn’t on.
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    Quick update. Once again, thanks all for your input. The car has been inspected independently by my local Audi dealer. Disks and pads are in horrendous condition. They should not have sold the car with those brakes on the vehicle. My local dealer has contacted the original dealer and voiced...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas all. It’s great to be back.
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    Cheers guys. Front are meaty, but still on wavy discs, so suggests their either original or have been changed before the wavy ones were phased out. out of interest, what’s the price of a set of Brembo rears and pads? the cars going in tomorrow morning to another main dealer for inspection, keep...