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    Drain plug flood- HELP!!!!

    Sorry for not explaining myself clearly. I have been informed that the water got into the car via the plenum chamber beneath the battery due to blocked drain plugs. I have spoken to audi and although some Cars were recalled to have this problem fixed, mine was not one of the lucky ones. So...
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    Drain plug flood- HELP!!!!

    The Garage that carried out the work did modify the drain Plugs (remove) however as it wasn't Audi themselves who carried out the work and they are stating it isn't a common failure there is little chance of any goodwill. But surely the plugs should be checked at each service as for water to...
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    Drain plug flood- HELP!!!!

    Hello all, I recently suffered a major flood of water into the passenger side of my A4 Avant. The water was about 6 inches deep in both the front and rear footwells. Needless to say th electrics suffered and I had to take it to the nearest garage to have a look! This was the TT centre in...
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    What remap??

    Try Jabbasport nr Peterborough They know their Tdi's!
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    Aux belt squeal

    Hello all, I replaced the aux belt and tensioner pulley back in Feb this year but it is squealing again mainly at full lock esp when under load (aircon on).:sob: I thought they were self tensioning types and i used OE Audi parts? Anyone have any ideas what else could be wrong? On a A4...
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    Sparks out of exhaust !!!

    Its an se and FWD would have loved a sport but this one was such a great buy i cant argue!!
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    Sparks out of exhaust !!!

    Just the 1.9 tdi 130pd and its an estate! Cheeky jabba custom remap so just over 300lb/ft. Will have to carbon blast them more often then:)
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    Sparks out of exhaust !!!

    Finally went for a spirited drive last night with a couple of work colleages one of whom bought my old 172 cup :( and the other chap has a 225 megane cup! Ok yes they were quicker than me but not by much i would just about keep with them until silly speeds when they would start pulling but...
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    Motul TDI oil in more detail
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    Motul TDI oil

    Having always put Motul fully synthetic oil in my old clio cup it never let me down! How does Motul fair in TDI engines Doesnt seem a bad deal considering the quality of their oils? Any one...
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    Bugaboo pushchair in A4 Cabriolet

    Just before we had our son nearly two years ago we got rid of the wifes mini one for an A2! The bugaboo fitted fine albeit better with rear wheels off! First trip to centre parcs and i had to buy a kamei roof rack with bars and feet that fitted my 172 cup aswell! Second son due in may hence...
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    Thule rapid fit foot pack

    Sounds very likely oh well will try and see what happens on next day off, if not will search for some cheap 755's Thanks chaps
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    what oil do yous use

    Finally getting my Jabba work done this friday, so due to extra load of drive chain and internals is it worth changing the oil too? I am supposed to be on long life servicing. When i bought the car in early Dec the previous owner was doing about 20k a year and had a FSH from his local Audi...
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    Thule rapid fit foot pack

    Sorry for the random questions: I have a roof box that fitted onto my wifes A2 with Thule foot pack 750 and bars (761). I need to put the box on my A4 avant with roof rails so i was hoping the feet will fit in the gutter as per the A2. This would stop me spending £60 on the 755's to fit the...
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    1/4 Mile Times

    Ok so some serious mods needed to get up the 200/tonne limit then! Clio wasnt the best build quality hence getting shot for the A4 but i do miss the b road carnage!!!