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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    A little update on the car front, The rear beam bushes were really worn, I bought a new pair and read some reviews and guides on how to change them, looked like a right pain to do without ramps and the right tools, Managed to convince a mechanic to do them for me got £35 a side, Has made a...
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    numerous problems with audi A3, help needed

    some strange problems you have going on there, not sure on a cure but it is definatly worth getting your car fault code checked to see what is going on, vag-com or vcds should do the trick. it may give you an insite into what is going on
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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    iv been on many test flights in the a3 now, we are now clearing speed bumps however i still avoid straddling them where possible, what is the lowest part of the underside, is it the sump??? still have to get the timing belt changed, have the kit in the boot inc water pump. just waiting for a...
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    ACE Cafe 28/8 - Anyone going?

    I'll be heading down there shortly
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    Ace cafe???

    Ill be heading down there at some point this evening
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    when does it end !

    mine was just off a stage 2, all that was holding it back was a free flowing exhaust and slightly larger fmic pipes. you could upgrade to a K03s turbo, i think the AGU had a k03, not sure what gains you can get between the two though
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    when does it end !

    they do ok, a bigger intercooler will make you able to go harder for longer (ooh err)
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    when does it end !

    it never ends mate, part of the fun of being an enthusiast, where you go from here all depends on how far you want to go, you dont need any of the additions if you just want it stage 1mapped, only if you want to go therver i went in for a stage 1.5 with R-tech because i had a decat, TIP and...
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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    inside the box only got around to fitting the fronts today, this is how it sat before MONSTER TRUCK!! after and after a drive im happy with the look, drives very nice, firm but not harsh by any means, speed bumps at this height is an issue, i carefully and slowly straddled one on a...
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    booked in at r tech

    Just make sure it's running well, no boost leaks, might be worth changing ur fuel filter if it hasn't been done recently. I was advised to when I went there You'll be pleased with their work, I certainly was They also like hobnobs
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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    Like wise mate, should be a good one tonight too
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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    Another teenie weenie update, A very nice postie gave this to me today Wonder what's inside??? Will have to wait till the morning cos I'm off to prept now at brands hatch
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    auto doors lock after start driving

    not sure if vcds lite can do it or not heres a very helpfull link though :salute: Waks Wide Web
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    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    tiny update, rear beam bushes are well on their way out, knocking and banging away over evey little bump and lump in the road, thats on my immediate to do list once i have figured out how to make a tool to remove and replace the bushes. i dont really fancy paying £60 for the tool when i have...
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    Lumpy idle/esp light after TIP fitted

    lumpy idle is usually down to an air leak, best place to start would be with a fault code scan with vagcom / vcds to see what is actually going wrong, also check all your plugs for sensors etc