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    Next model A3

    That is horrible... inside and out.
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    Next model A3 RS3 has been spied...
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    Another new BMW...grab a coffee!

    Looks horrible. Nice inside though.
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    Facelift Audi S3 8V Lights Fault

    Are you turning the car off whilst you've got the main beam on? Mine does this if I've got home and not turned them off, it throws up an error. Turn the car back on, and it disappears. Lights work fine, never had an issue with them.
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    Facelift Moving on from the S3...

    Hi all. It's that time I'm afraid where I've decided to part ways with the S3. It's been a pretty good car, really quick, laugh out loud grip and stability and quite economical for a 310Ps motor. The technology in the car is impressive, with ACC, Mag-ride and VC some of the options I ticked and...
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    ACC Troubles.....

    I had this fault. Replaced the sensor under warranty - but fight that tooth and nail mate.
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    Facelift My new 2019 S3 Sportback

    Very very nice! Looks awesome mate - we need more pictures and info of what spec you've got on it :) Welcome to ASN!
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    Tyre Puncture on an S3

    No way would I mess about trying to repair my own tyre... think my local charges £15.00 or something. Leave that to the professionals. OP - I'd probably change the two back tyres if you are concerned. I always tend to make sure the axles have the same tread levels or at least very very close...
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    New Audi S3 FL Dash Buzz

    I had this exact issue - it was the fuel line vibrating against the bulkhead. I took an Audi tech out in my car and we listened to it - as you say, only happens in 'S' or Manual mode.
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    My S3 after detailing.....

    Looks great mate! Fastest colour as well lol ;)
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    S3 low oil

    My oil light came on the other day as well, had about 1/3 in too. I just popped a litre in and I'll keep any eye on it.
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    Odd rattling/vibration at low revs

    @boston909 Hi mate, got your PM aswell. I'm struggling to hear the buzzing sound on my work laptop speakers, so I'll give it another go when I'm at home. But from what you've said, the issues sound different. I've had a few little annoying buzz's, rattles etc over the years. From memory...
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    Facelift Changing from 18” to 19”

    Yeah, its damn firm - even in comfort mode. Literally, UK roads are awful and every drain cover, pot hole etc just makes the whole car shake. It's quite difficult to make rapid progress without feeling sorry for the rims and suspension in my S3. And nope, far from my first sporty car - I've had...
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    Facelift Changing from 18” to 19”

    Jesus... I wouldn't want a non mag-ride A3/S3 on 19" rims. It's bad enough with mag-ride... firm is an understatement.