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    Cold air around centre console/passenger footwell when driving

    I am getting cold air come in around the lower part of the centre console (around cupholders/12v socket) and passenger footwell area when driving - when the fans are off. Checked the heating system/air-con and flaps seem to be working fine, temp is working fine, cold air only comes in when...
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    Alarm glass break & tilt sensor

    Cheers guys - Alex @ VAG car coding has just confirmed that I have the sensors as standard. @Nham68 - My manual just says "If the anti-theft alarm system detects a vehicle break-in, audio and visual warning signals are triggered". Guess you are right, Cat 1 must be SOP on these cars that they...
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    Alarm glass break & tilt sensor

    I did buddy, thanks. But I'd love if there was a way of getting the full factory alarm spec for the model - dealer seems to be useless.
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    Alarm glass break & tilt sensor

    The options list and spec list on MyAudi app doesn't mention the alarm, nor does the spec print out that the guy at Audi gave to me. Also typical, the guy at Audi has never heard of a tilt sensor. Banging on the windows didn't set off anything, so I presume there is no shock sensor and I dont...
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    Alarm glass break & tilt sensor

    Sorry if this has already been answered, just wanted to see if this comes included as part of the factory alarm in the 2017 B9? Been receiving mixed messages, dealer cant give me a straight answer either. Thanks!
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    APR Stage 1 vs AmD Tuning custom map?

    Opinions on APR Stage 1 map vs AmD tuning (Essex) custom stage 1? AmD used to supply APR but now only do their own maps. Does anyone have experience with their custom map? Both are same price more or less. I'm looking at stage 1 for my S5 B9 (354bph stock).
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    S5 to RS5 (B9) brake conversion

    Hi all New to forum and new B9 S5 Sportback owner. Has anyone converted their B9 S5 front brakes to a RS5 kit? Any suggestions on best place to buy pre-owned (I'm on a budget) and fit around the East London area? AmD tuning has been recommended to me. I'm not very happy with the braking...