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    Hissing From Drivers Footwell

    Paid £450 to replace the brake server in my late 2008 S3 SB. This was at a main dealer and was after a 50% goodwill reduction for customer loyalty. They did comment afterwards that they needed to remove the front, move the engine forward and drop the prop to get to it to replace it. The...
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    Which car after S3?

    You're mad - 2 years of using a carseat in a 3 door? I'm in the same boat though, s3 sportback, way too small, only just big enough for a single maclaren buggy in the boot sideways and with another on the way, there's no way it will take an additional buggy base and the pram + all the other...
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    High milage service.

    sump pump and strainer check and clean.
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    Removing roof rails....

    they'll leave holes in the roof.
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    What a numpty!

    perfect way to treat a cold engine.
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    Removing the corroded boot lock trim advice.

    perhaps the gaskets on yours were ok then. I know on mine they were dry, brittle and flat as a pancake. The new ones I fitted were about 5mm thick and then compressed to form a tight seal when refitted. The switches seemed pretty watertight too from the back around the electrical connectors...
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    Anything to look out for on an imported but UK spec TDi Quattro?

    As far as I know, no, nothing, not if its a personal import and full UK spec. My old 2002 S3 was bought in germany (new and unregistered) and then first registered in the UK - it didnt even show up on the DVLA as being imported because strictly speaking it wasnt. The only thing you have to...
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    Removing the corroded boot lock trim advice.

    easy job, but worth getting a whole new set of foam gaskets for the bolts, switches and lights so its all watertight for another 10 years. Scrape off the old ones and stick them on before you refit the lot.
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    clunk when braking in reverse

    as its normal, pretty much zero chance. I've had the pads replaced in mine less than a thousand miles ago due to the unbearable squealing, and the new set do it too.
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    clunk when braking in reverse

    yep, its the brake pad, and yep its normal.
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    1x Genuine AVUS alloy for 8L S3, Free.

    sure, do you want the engine cover too?
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    BAM Engine cover, free.

    BAM engine cover from a TT (silver writing) - but otherwise exactly the same as an S3 one. Missing fixing screws and one lug is broken. With both screws it should stay put though. Failing that it would make a good practice part for test painting or something. free to anyone who wants it, or...
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    1x Genuine AVUS alloy for 8L S3, Free.

    Has a mark on the rim where its been over a pot-hole, so would need to be spun to make sure it's 100% before use. No tyre fitted. free to anyone who wants it, or it gets binned. Pickup only from Norwich.
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    OK, I give up! i cant resist it any longer

    if they want your cash trial both. get the lambda fixed beforehand too, (reputable) tuners won't / can't map with broken bits.