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    Parting with my B6

    If anyone is interested? Ordered a small economical car to replace it as we simply don't need 2 big cars, I'm going to miss her :-(
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    Timing Rebuild/fault Code Thread Complete - Time To Drive (pics)

    very tidy, was looking at the CBR's but lack of funds and time to ride it stopped me lol. Last year I owned a bike I didn't even manage 500 miles, too many hobbies and two kids didn't give me much spare time.
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    Timing Rebuild/fault Code Thread Complete - Time To Drive (pics)

    Yeah true, I test drove an M3 earlier in the year and was actually surprised it felt quick, I've ridden super bikes and driven some seriously quick cars so was expecting to be underwhelmed (like I was when I drove my mates 996). If the S4's didn't have the chain issue I would be all over it, I...
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    Timing Rebuild/fault Code Thread Complete - Time To Drive (pics)

    You are a god among men! Been wanting an M3 for a while, but a house extension has put an end to that for now. Your S4 looks immense and I would genuinely have it off you when you finally come to sell. Enjoy it mate.
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    Timing Rebuild/fault Code Thread Complete - Time To Drive (pics)

    when you come to sell please PM me! I think I saw a thread on the M3 you had before, you have a lot of love for your cars.
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    Brokedown In France...what Is It???

    ouch, hope it's not to expensive!
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    2005 Nogaro S4 4.2 Newbi Owner (England)

    Hope you get it sorted. Sounds like you and your tech are getting there.
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    Are These A4 Alloy Wheels.....

    I've got some 16" a4 wheels going cheap if you are interested?
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    B6 2.7 Twin Turbo B5 Engine Swap

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    Stealer air con service..

    you can get it done at kwik fit for about £50, they just plug the machine in and it does it's magic, no point going to audi who will probably charge you more.
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    B7 RS4 rattle.

    did you get this all sorted mate? Hope it wasn't too costly
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    hows your air con?

    I just leave mine set to 23degrees auto most of the year around, A/C needs to be used or it stops working.
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    Hoyte's Twin Turbo A4

    nice work, is it a Quattro? If not then I bet it's hard getting the power down? Was it a football or a soccer scholarship you went on? I know a few lads local to me that have done a similar thing.
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    Amber oil sensor light

    have you checked the oil level?