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    19" wheels on a6

    will i have any rubbing problem with 255/35/19 and et35 wheels?
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    19" wheels on a6

    thanks for reply. what tyre size do you have? im about to order rs4 19" et35 and possibly tyres 245/40/19 will they fit?
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    19" wheels on a6

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    19" wheels on a6

    Hello Recently i bought a6 2.7 tdi 06 sline. id like to get 19" wheels on it they called a6 speedline (a lot of spokes) but i need advice with size 8j,8.5j or 9j and what offset and finally what tyres size to make archers filled nicely and no rubbing?(ive seen a lot of a6 with these wheels...
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    buying a6 2.7 tdi s line

    Hi Im about to buy 06 plate 2.7 tdi s line with just over 90k. Just need advice guys what should i look for, any issues with that model etc...
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    Twin-Grille to Single Grille S-Line - Complete

    Well done Hellz. Your car needs 19" wheels and you' be happy man:)
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    Just to let you know guys i will be leaving soon as my car goes on sale. it been very good time being here and i learned so much. save a lot of money on my car by reading helpful posts. I will be poping back and read sometimes. All best to everyone.
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    Anyone living close to warrington?

    Im not sure if i can post it her about it. Hi. Im after favour:) if anyone lives close to warrington in Cheshire . There is a garage there - im after that black a6 s line 3.0 tdi. if anyone willing to go have a quick look on that car for...
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    Bonnet prices to fit a single grille..

    i bought mine from ebay for 45 pounds plus 12 postage!!! it was refusal from vw garage - it was primed with few scratches and 1 little dent. went to cosmetics garage - they done all for 150 quid - brilliant job and looks like a new:)
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    Pics of slammed A3's?

    mine on Weitec's
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    How much have people spent on mods????

    ask nate he is addicted so he will tell you:)
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    A3 S-Line Front Conversion

    oh shut up you modding addicted man:D
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    A3 S-Line Front Conversion

    norman once you've done this mod you gonna look at your car in different way:)
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    digzz - just make sure they will give you good tyres. ones i recevied were crap (and dangerous - sunny they called) so i bought new ones. make sure you will order et45 and tyres 225/35/19 or for clearance 215/35/19 to avoid rubbing when you get car lowered...