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    Econ Button

    I've driven a few B7s and found their climate system to be identical to the B6. Although I have noticed they tend to be hotter despite leaving the temp setting the same as I would have used in our B6
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    Excessive Tyre Wear?

    Seems excessive to me. Our 1.9 TDI 130 wore the fronts down to 4mm after 8k. That was mainly due to the power delivery of the diesel and a heavy front end.
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    Filled my diesel up with petrol....

    Neighbour of mine did this on a PD A3 a few years back. Drained the tank, filled with diesel and after a few cranks it started. They ran it for around 3 years after that with no problems.
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    Car slightly shaking at idle, help before it gets worse.

    I guarantee it won't be a coil pack :rolleyes: If it's only at idle then it could be an engine mount. Not sure about the A3 but A4s have one engine mount that is stiffened electronically above 1100 rpm. Below that it softens to dampen the vibes. It should show up in VAGCOM if you get your car...
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    Warped Brakes on A4 TDI Sport 130

    I had Brembo discs on our 130 for about 6k before it was written off. No issues with warping.
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    Rear seats...

    Pretty sure it's been done. Try a search as it might be in the B6 section. You'll need to find a set of split folding seats from a breakers though as there are too many differences to modify a non folding set to fold.
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    Garage servicing new rules

    I doubt this'll happen though.
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    A4 Quattro System - Can I Run Wider Rear Wheels..?

    Not sure but I think the main factor is the rolling radius of the wheels so perhaps if you can keep that the same (or as near as you can) then it'll be OK The A4 Quattro is Torsen based and is full-time unlike the A3 system which is Haldex and effectively only sends power to the rear if the...
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    Advice needed please on handling suspension probs!

    Isn't there an issue with lowering the suspension further when you're on 19"s? IIRC Audi won't let you specify 19"s and the lower suspension.
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    a4 20ltr tdi sline quattro sp edition 57 plate

    Sounds like you have a B7 and not a B8 so you'd be better posting there. Otherwise, watch our for DPF problems. HTH Dave
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    Slopping out

    In addition to this, I'd like to see them earn their keep while they're inside. Get them out on chain gangs fixing our appalling roads.
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    A crap year gets worse

    Well after our car accident in January, the tumbleweed in the job market and flooding the house I thought things were looking up with a new job starting today and the other driver from our crash being charged with careless driving. Well I was wrong. Yesterday, my wife came off the road on her...
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    Be very careful about fitting different tyres. If the tyres designed for the allroad have stiffer sidewalls, it's for a reason. Also, your insurance may not pay out in the event of a claim if there's any way they could prove that the tyres were a factor. You may even find that your insurance...
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    Goodyear F1 Tyres * Warning *

    Wasn't there a thread like this a couple of years back. Worth checking to see what the outcome was on that one.
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    New gearbox at 55,000 miles!!!! £4k !!!!!

    That's probably the most you'll get from Audi. It's worth looking into consumer law. The law covers you for a period of time regardless of manufacturers warranty (6 years in England, 5 in Scotland IIRC) from purchase if you can reasonably prove that you'd expect the item to last longer than it...