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    S5 V8 engine cover

    Hi all, would someone please measure the rings on the engine cover, mine are missing. Thanks all
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    2007 S5 V8

    When changing the battery, does it need coding? Cheers
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    For Sale Wing mirror covers

    Removed from my A4 B8, genuine Ibis White Wing mirror covers. One has one internal clip missing, does not affect fitment. £25
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    For Sale A5 Springs

    A5 sline springs, removed from my 2013 A5, covered 33k miles £35
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    For Sale S5 Chrome wing mirrors

    Genuine S5 electric wing mirrors. NOT folding. £ 100
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    For Sale A5 Black edition grille NO surround

    Genuine Audi A5 Black edition grille, removed form my 2013 A5, NO grille surround. Has parking sensor fitment. Gloss black rings fitted. £50
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    Vcds download

    Cable pic
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    Vcds download

    Hi gang Borrowed a mates cable(pics below) does anyone know which software I need to download
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    2007 S5 V8 seat removal

    Hi all Need to remove my drivers seat (electric) to do a repair, is it straight unplug and take out?
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    Facelift to prefacelift fitment

    Anyone know if facelift S5 seats will fit prefacelift S5 V8?. Also the facelift are heated an this be retro fitted? Will the flat bottom wheel fit the prefacelift, and can the controls be coded to work, no need for paddles either as mine is manual Cheers all
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    New s4 owner. Ideas for front number plate relocation

    It doesn't look as if it has moved mate.
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    New s4 owner. Ideas for front number plate relocation

    These are what I currently have
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    Sold Exhaust tips

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    Cheers mate, once I get the wiring loom I'll drop you a message...
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    Anyone near Braintree Essex, need a set of rear led lights coding please