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    What shampoo

    I'm Gutted that zymol seems to have vanished, not only from the shelves of Halfords but even quite difficult to get online too. Been using megs gold class instead. And hello all, my first post in about a year!!!
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    Check if you're affected.

    Has anyone actually had the "fix" done yet? What's the outcome? Mpg/performance? I was just trying to ignore it but I'm getting audi to do my cambelt and water pump and service and am unsure wether or not they may be obliged to do it or they legally have to do it if the car is with them?? I'm...
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    MMI Firmware Updates? Is there any point?

    I have an atlas and an A-Z, all seems to be working fine. ;)
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    MMI knob differences ??

    How could you have been such a "div"
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    I really hate birds

    Weapon of choice........ 2.2 Air rifle
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    IronX & Tardis or Carpro 'Trix'

    I've been using Iron x for a few years now and can certainly confirm that the stuff smells like rotting flesh (I would imagine!) it's actually the most repugnant and nasty smell I've ever smelt in all my born days!! Thanks for the input, guys. Will stick to 'not fixing what's not broken'!
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    IronX & Tardis or Carpro 'Trix'

    Thanks Bristle hound, was pretty much what I was thinking, so thanks for the confirmation. I must be getting old, trying to cut corners! Haha.
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    IronX & Tardis or Carpro 'Trix'

    Been a while since I've posted anything on here but as the summer is approaching it's almost time for a good 12 hour detail of my A4. So if you haven't already guessed from the title, should I stick with what I've always used (Tardis for the tar and IronX for the iron particles) or is carpro...
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    Judder on take off in 1st gear, Audi said its normal !!

    Audi don't make clutches, they use either LUK or sachs in their cars from factory.
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    A little help with " packs" needed

    Believe it or not, if you want a light in your glove box, that's part of the 'lighting pack' that WAS standard on my b7 but no longer standard on the b8. Includes the ambient lighting, puddle lights, footwell lights, heater/vent dials. @t8ups (forum user) is the man to speak to for this job...
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    Judder on take off in 1st gear, Audi said its normal !!

    My previous '06 a4 avant had a horrendous judder in first gear, ended up getting rid of it partly because of that problem. I was so happy to take receipt of my new (to me) 2010 a4 avant, only to realise, it too had the infamous clutch judder. Warranty said the exact same thing they did to you...
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    Nasty surprise this morning

    Looks like 'smart cover' is sadly not that 'smart'! I really feel for you, that would literally ruin my whole month/year!! Let us know what kind of quotes you get for the bonnet to be done.
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    Nasty surprise this morning

    Gutting!!! Personally, looking at the damage, like Rich said, I'd lean towards getting the whole bonnet resprayed. Probably set you back £300 or so
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    VW Emission Scandal - Are we going to get Compensation

    I've never been much of a 'tree hugger' I'm just happy with the car I have, whatever mpg I get. I'm not much of an 'environmently friendly' type, particularly when I don't agree with the fact my car is the reason the 'ice shelf is melting'..... if it IS melting, it's a natural thing not caused...