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    Beep from engine

    I wondered what that loud bang was 10 minutes ago.
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    Beep from engine

    Ha I was searching beeping not bleeping lol. A big thanks.
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    Beep from engine

    hi guys, got the S3 the other day, love it. But I saw a while ago a thread about the beep from the engine once off which I hear every time. Can someone point me to that thread as for the life of me I cannot find it. Cheers L
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    Good bye

    well all, I have been here for a few years and although only posting 200 times I have to say goodbye. I tried to make a post on here this evening against a childish comment from a certain mod but it was cleared twice, then receiving a personal message from said mod saying if I post again I...
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    Car Cam

    I live in swindon and have looked at where you would get one of these fitted and I cannot find anywhere. Is there a company that does this, is it worth asking Audi to do it for me?
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    Ris-Key Business

    update...........the audience awaits
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    Used S-Tronic Saloon under £30k

    But I don't understand who buys a partially used S3 when the price, if buying on PCP will no doubt be as much if not more than a new one due to the APR on a new model being better than used, one tactic they use to get you in to a new car.
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    EU Plates

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    BW 5,6,7 & 8

    Stunning, it is helping those waiting for theirs by seeing pics like this, so excited.
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    a3 8v 1.6tdi launch control?

    impressive, that is some miles to a tank, right there.
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    I only asked a question.....god this place sometimes is like a playground and thank you A3_Phil yes it was just a question. Now the god in charge today please lock it before we are allowed to actually have a chat.
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    It was a genuine question as I did not know what it was made of. May as well lock it as not much is allowed to be discussed around here, this section is getting more like google search bar!!!!!
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    An hour wasted

    If you have not been to his YouTube channel, Chris Harris on cars is amazing and what tv is crying out for at the moment. Someone who is generally in to cars and doesn't just **** about to fulfil their egos.
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    An hour wasted

    i can honestly say Top Gear has finally lost the plot, not one car reviewed, an absolute waste of time, get these three muppets off our screens and stick Chris Harris on in place. Their egos have gone mad..... Seriously what was the point in that?
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    Well that's just not true is it, I saw at least 5 in a field the other day and they were not doing anything:jump: