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    A4 2016 3.0TDI 160kw Cold Engine strange noise

    Hi, A4 B9 160KW Quattro owner here. I am pretty sure that rattle is made by the camshafts. It's a common problem at these engines (2015-2018). I just changed them on my car under warranty.
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    Keyless entry system not working properly

    Hi everybody! My A4 is only 6 months old and the first problem came in: the keyless entry system is not working at the driver's door. Yep, u got that right, I can't unlock or lock my car with my hand from the most important door of the car . I have to mention that at the other doors the system...
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    2 new questions about forthcoming A4 Avant

    Maybe u will think twice after I will tell you this. Tyres are classified in 3 categories in terms of quality. The highest quality tyres are going only at producer's factory and are mounted ONLY on brand-new cars. The mid class is going at dealers and the last class is going to tyre selling...
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    2 new questions about forthcoming A4 Avant

    The tyre fitting for new cars is 100% randomly. Audi has contracts with tyre manufacturers and they must respect a fixed number of tyres to put on cars in an amount of time. So they are puting the tyres randomly to respect the contracts
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    S4/S5 interior lighting

    Mine is also white and that stripes can't be changed
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    Tyre pressure for 3.0 tdi with 225 50 17

    Hi! I own a 3.0 218 sport quattro and I've also mounted 17" wheels with Nokian WR D3 225/50 R17 94H tyres. I asked myself what is the good pressure for them and after very short researches (I looked on the driver's door, is there a sticker) I've put 2.3 bars in all 4 :D. I am also interested in...
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    Help me choose winter wheels

    Thanks guys for all your respo7xnses. I ended up buying aftermarket wheels: DOTZ Kendo 7x17 ET37 with Nokian WR D3 winter tyres. One of you mentioned about tyre pressure sensor and that thing lighted up smth in my mind. I know that my A4 has some option called "Tyre pressure sensor". Do u know...
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    Help me choose winter wheels

    I also plan to go these days to the dealer and see what they can offer me. I am also thinking of getting OEM rims but only if it's an acceptable price. Thanks for the reply though
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    Help me choose winter wheels

    Hi guys! It's time for me to buy winter wheels for my A4 B9 and I'm in a big dilemma. I don't know what brands and models to choose, both for rims and wheels. I want 17" rims and I really don't know what brand to take. We have a tough winter here and the roads are full of pits and bumps and I...
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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    So here is my new love, guys :D. Picked up a week ago. I just love everythink about it.
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    Tuning Box for the 2.0tfsi 190ps...

    I don't know what to say about this DTUK because at my first look they post some wrong infos. I searched for my model (V6 TDI 218Q) and they say the standard torque is 500NM which is quite wrong. Audi claims the torque on the 218Q is 400 NM
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    Anyone with a B9 Diesel on order?

    I also have an A4 Sedan 3.0 TDI Quattro on order, delivery on mid June.
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    Looking to swap my sports suspension for comfort

    Have u tried the comfort suspension? Maybe it's not such a big difference and in final it doesn't deserve the money spent. By the way, in my A4 I also ordered the comfort suspension because of the roads in my country...:(. But I didn't tested either the sport or the comfort adaptive suspension...
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    218Q vs 272Q: can't decide!!!

    The price of the configuration in my country, at the dealer, was a little bit bigger than the german configuration price: ~73000 euros. I get a good discount because I negotiated with 3 dealers at first, then with 2 and I knew the car was something special for my country because they sell 98%...
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    218Q vs 272Q: can't decide!!!

    Hi again, guys! I decided to go for the 3.0 tdi diesel 218Q! The reason is that I think it will satisfy my needs and the roads in my country are not so good so don't have where to joy with 272 version. So, I will place the order these days. Here is the configuration on the german site...