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    New car - Paintwork protection options

    I had my new to me 2 year old car detailed and protected with Gtechniq products. I'm over the moon with the results and would recommend it especially on a new car. The car was in for 4 days and for the full works (inside, outside, glass and wheels) I was charged just over £1000- which appears to...
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    Private sale circa 26/27k - would you buy???

    WBAC came in at more than 3k less than the offer I accepted via tootle. One thing I will say is that, luckily for me, my S4 was well spec'd and maintained with all of the "must have options" so the dealer who bought it knew that he would be able to shift it pretty quick (and he did) I also think...
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    Private sale circa 26/27k - would you buy???

    It'll be fine to sell with finance and the process was very smooth.
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    Private sale circa 26/27k - would you buy???

    Try tootle, my 2012 S4 sold in less than 5 hours for about 3 k more than I was offered as a trade in.
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Hi, I have recently put a set of replica Audi S4 peeler alloys with continental winter tyres on eBay.
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    Some advice needed on a S4 B8

    I had mine for 5 years and the gearbox was faultless. All I can advise is to only buy one that has been properly maintained and has had its gearbox oil changed as per the service schedule
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    New S4 order .. Thoughts on Spec

    Sounds like a right chew! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for an S4 B8.5

    56000 and it was a 2012 car (12 plate) Great car, had it from new so was just time for a change.
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    Looking for an S4 B8.5

    I recently sold my B8.5 avant black edition to a specialist dealer for 19k. My mileage was higher but the spec was much better than the one advertised. TBH that one doesn't have a very good spec but even so the price does seem low. Go and have a look, you never know it might fit your bill...
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    Winter wheels for sale

    Hi, it's that time of year again when everyone is thinking about winter so I thought I'd sell my winter wheels. For anyone in the market I have posted the details in the classified section. Thanks.
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    My S4 thread

    I really like these golfs so thumbs up on your purchase. Autocar did an article where they pitched one against a B8 RS4 and they rated the golf higher! Interestingly the Golf R is in the top 5 cars in the uk (according to Autocar!) while the new S4 has been identified as one not to buy due to...
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    My S4 thread

    Interseting! I had one prior to my S4 and it was definitely a Friday afternoon car, I said I'd never have another but I can't help thinking how good the new ones look. Once my daughter has a few years driving under her belt I may trade the focus in for a newish one to use as the family daily.
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    My S4 Avant is home.

    Looks familiar! Glad to hear that it lived up to expectations. Enjoy!
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    Jaguar XE is no match for the A4

    Fair point, I'll get one posted asap! And you are correct the focus is a great car with, dare I say it, far better steering than any of my previous Audis. The model I bought is a Zetec navigation with a massive 3 cylinder 1.0 litre 125bhp engine, which is ideal for the wife's daily run to the...
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    Jaguar XE is no match for the A4

    Thanks very much.