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    R8 Plus as a courtesy car!

    +1 on this, if given the opportunity why not drive a super car? My brother rented an R8 V10 this weekend gone for a wedding, and I had a blast in that. The speed is immense, totally takes your breath away, although I found the car to be a little twitchy. I think that added to the fun though...
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    ** Feedback For Birmingham Audi (lister Group) **

    I'm a bit late leaving feedback, so my apologies but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sandra and the folks at Solihull Audi who arranged such a great meet. My apologies to everyone else for arriving late also! It was a fantastic day; great to see not only some of the dealer car's but...
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    [Oct 18, 2015] Birmingham Audi (Solihull) Dealership Meet (Part of the Lister... (Birmingham)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the TT though mate. It's the latest one right? Been booked in for the RS4. Looking forward to it.
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    [Oct 18, 2015] Birmingham Audi (Solihull) Dealership Meet (Part of the Lister... (Birmingham)

    Just responded to my email as well. Dead excited! Just out of curiosity what did everyone choose for their test drives? Big shout out to @Sandra again for arranging such an amazing meet. Really looking forward to it!
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    [Oct 18, 2015] Birmingham Audi (Solihull) Dealership Meet (Part of the Lister... (Birmingham)

    Just RVSP'd for this event! Looking forward to it, and a big thanks to Sandra for arranging this. Regards, Lodhiz.
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    dv chatter??

    DV looks fine. I believe thats the way its supposed to behave, if it was snapping shut whilst your finger was on the top then there would be a problem. I believe you mentioned earlier that you tried another DV and had the same issue, so I don't think your DV is faulty.
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    S3 Idle and Persistence of vacuum

    I too also have a very similar if not the same issue, but I have done a PCV delete (not running a catch can though), as well as renewing all of the boost pipes with silicon ones. When switching the climate control unit on, particularly when turning on the A/C, the idle will still be a little...
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    Audi Concert + CD-RW playback issue?

    Hi Rob, I think you just need to make sure it is burnt as a Audio CD and not the standard MP3 CD. On a 700MB CD-R you should only be able to fit about 18 tracks when burning as a Audio CD. I use iTunes to burn my CD's and that usually gives 3 options when burning: Audio/MP3/Data CD. Not too...
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    What is this (broken) pipe for?

    Cheers, thanks for that Alex. Kit is comparable in price to buying a used motor jet, which may be a better option. How is the pressure on your jets? Do you find them a bit weak? (mine are so weak i'd be better off blowing water through a straw). Just be mindful of the leaking water as that can...
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    What is this (broken) pipe for?

    Any idea on price Alex? I'm in two minds about whether I should go down the wiper delete route (looks better) or to actually repair it.
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    Remaps of A3 PD130 ASZ from thoughts

    A friend of mine has the same PD130 engine in his Seat Toledo and had a custom remap by Premier Tuning and managed to achieve around 175 BHP (the exact figure I can't remember, I'll double check) and bags full of torque. Really quick car that. He was leaving some 5 series drivers red in the...
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    What is this (broken) pipe for?

    My actual washer jet motor was broken internally so it kept on leaking, even after replacing the pipe that joins to it with a silicon pipe. I even tried to be cheeky, and use sealant around the area it was leaking (I was desperate) but to no avail! These things are a right pain!
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    What is this (broken) pipe for?

    Thats the pipe/feed for your rear windscreen washer jet mate. Common issue with these coming apart. Nothing a bit of gaffa tape won't fix!
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    One touch windows gone?

    No problem mate, but my windows weren't fully cycling (drivers side window wouldn't go down all the way) and the above fixed that along with the one touch window setting. Just my experience...
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    One touch windows gone?

    Alternately you can disconnect the battery for about 20 mins and cycle the windows all the way up and down. This should also fix the problem, as I had a similar issue and a battery disconnect rectified this fault.