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Oct 30, 2014
Jul 2, 2010
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Registered User, from Bristol

liquids3 was last seen:
Oct 30, 2014
    1. AARON77
      Sweet see you there dude 👍
    2. AARON77
      Yeah mate
      will add you to the list
      upon arrival just mention that your on the comrades of vag clubstand and they'll direct you to us 👍👍👍
    3. AARON77
      We got a clubstand your more than welcome to join us
    4. AARON77
      We saw your car on Facebook
      .I couldn't remember your name for life of me
      everyone was saying its kev
      but it's Adam hey👍
      we @ springfest on the 14th
    5. AARON77
      Was you @ pod today
    6. AARON77
    7. AARON77
      Just got your MSG dude
      been a manic time just lately
      how was the meet
    8. beachbuggy
      Yes of course, I've just dropped off some K03 turbine housing at the machine as I have a couple of the same spec K03 to build. I can let him have one of those if he committed to buying? It will probably be ready next week as I have everything else made up etc, so just needs the turbine and then assembly,

      Price including an uprated actuator is £600 and £550 with just the stock actuator. This is on an exchange basis but I wont need the old unit until a later date as I can make these up with out using his old one.
    9. Jimgrim77
      sounds good.
      my mobile is 07811193650

      good luck with your build.

      I've done all of what you are doing. expect about 300 for both lb and bhp. lots of fun :)
    10. Jimgrim77
      i only just picked this up...sorry mate. should have more opportunity in the next few months as the wife is away for a bit.
    11. beachbuggy

      For the k03 I can offer 3 options. 1st there is the tried and tested k04-001 which is the S3 turbine and k03s compressor, these are producing about 250-260bhp. Good solid turbo which is really an upgrade from the k03s. Then there is the k03 with k04 internals which is basically a s3 turbo in a a3 housing good form 275bhp finally I produce the k03-2280 which is my own version of the hybrid, it's an rs6 turbine and 2280 compressor this we are currently testing and are aiming to hit 300bhp . Price varies very little as they all require various work to be done just depends what. You'd be looking at around £550 all in and I can also recommend what additional parts need to be ordered fitted in order to get the most out of the setups.
    12. Jimgrim77
      no worries. he responded straight away and said he'd deal.

      my car is still out of commission. still don't know what's happened. in bits at the minute.
    13. Jimgrim77
      Just sent him message through faceboook and text

      He's bristol based, owns an lcr and his personal profile in facebook is:-

      Samuel Bryant | Facebook
    14. Jimgrim77
      RELENTLESS. K04 upgrade parts for lcr and s3
    15. Jimgrim77
      Hi Adam,

      No worries, it happens. I have his personal mobile actually for when i ordered my parts, so i'll drop him a message for you now.

      Try him on the facebook page too, the link is below:-

      Log in | Facebook

      If no luck with that, give me a shout back and i'll call him.


    16. beachbuggy
      Hi, just checked and I have a housing with an egt hole which is good news. I am pretty sure the amk engine has egt ( not lambda , it has that as well) I've just dropped it off at the machine shop and hopefully have the turbine and compressor balanced and back within a week do should be ready sometime in a week or so if that's ok.

    17. beachbuggy

      Only problem I have at the moment, is that I don't think I have an AMK exhaust housing available, as they need the EGT sensor in them. I have NON egt ones, but they wont be any good. I'll have to get back to you later today so I can have a look and see. Hold tight.

    18. beachbuggy
      Yes that's fine. Can you just confirm what engine code you have please?

      I'll get started and pm you when it's finished etc. I'm just waiting on a few bits to arrive this week.

      My address is Dan Little 98 Worplesdon Road, Guildford, Surrey, Gu2 9rt

    19. miss_lucy
      Thanks ill take it up to tuner race developments then as a bit closer! Yeah hopefully i'll have it all fixed by March in time for that!!
    20. miss_lucy
      Hey, Let me know when you next meet becuse im working, also i really need to fix it first. hopefully sort it out next month
      Thanks for invite :)
      oh and whats that place called in stroud you told us about at the casino?
    21. Rogue-24-84
      well it defo looks good... :) what you done with them wheels now then? are they those kei wheels? im looking to put a new set on mine but not sure which way to turn?? running mk1 rs4 rims painted gunmetel at the moment but im terrible with wheels and want to change them ever 6 months lol
    22. liquids3
      Is anyone attending austria next week worthersee vw show?
    23. Jimmeh
      Hi Adam - just seen the pics; was a good day! Feel free to get signed up on OEM+, I think Adam gave you a card didn't he? I didnt' take any pics I'm afraid; there are a few going round on Facebook/OEM+ that people have uploaded but personally, I didnt take a single shot! Good to meet you again.
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    This year won Best Audi at Bristol Volksfest, 2nd at VW & Audi at Castle Combe, 2nd at Audi Trackday

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    Audi S3- 1.8T Quattro
    Liquid Yellow
    Audi R8 Rims

    Its never finished!:jump:
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