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    Facelift S3 Sale & Return?

    Audi Sytner group gave me the most for my S3
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    Valet parking driver goes joyriding in customer's S3

    What exactly did he spec to his S3 to make it £50k??
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    It's time to bid farewell and say thanks to many of you as I have now sold my beloved stallion S3, will now be riding my wife's donkey of a Yaris..... It's been great on this forum, with all the laughter and giggles! If anyone is interested I am also selling my VCDS cable, have a look...
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    Inspection pop up

    I used a VCDS cable to reset mine Inspection Reset ##################### 17 - Instrucments 10 - Adaptation IDE03351-Fix: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection change to 0 IDE03352-Fix: Time since last time - depdent inspection change to 0 check fault codes close controller
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    S3 stolen

    Do people leave their keys out in the open in the house? I usually hide my keys so it would take them much longer than a few seconds to find them.
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    All wheel drive ("quattro") is awesome

    Thank you for correcting me, learn something new every day :)
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    All wheel drive ("quattro") is awesome

    Yes that's what I heard aswell, so not quite a true quattro as many people are lead to believe. Unlike the S4 ect which are
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    All wheel drive ("quattro") is awesome

    Sorry I haven't really been following the face lift A3/S3, but isn't it only a quattro with it 90% being front wheel and 10% rear? Not quite a true Quattro, more like a FWD car. Something to do with Haldex.... How does it work for smaller Audis? Some more compact Audis, including the A3 and...
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    You not worried this one may get stolen again?
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    Cancelled order

    Which stealer please?
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    Wow 4 days pay out, that's insane. will definitely consider moving from Admiral to LV next year.