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    Build week question - A3 delay

    Same thing with me, I just posted up yesterday morning! Have a read here
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    Problems with orders for 1.8 TFSI S-tronic Quattro??

    Thanks for the info. It's the 3 door that he's after. My thought process is, why if I ring another dealer today they give me the same delivery date as an order that went in 3 months ago? Surely it should be later than September? Also, I've just got sent a scanned copy of the order from the...
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    Problems with orders for 1.8 TFSI S-tronic Quattro??

    OK, update on the situation. I've managed to get an order number from the dealership and I've rang up Lesley and she's confirmed that the order was put through on the 14th of Jan and that it's an estimated build date of week 35. I asked why were we given April and now that's gone through to...
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    Problems with orders for 1.8 TFSI S-tronic Quattro??

    Hey guys and girls. Not been on here for a while! Now I'm stuck, so thought I'd turn to you knowledgeable chaps and chapettes :) In Jan, my brother ordered a specced up A3 1.8 TFSI S-Tronic Quattro. We'd been to the same dealership we went to to get the S3, and used the same guy. Since I got...
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    What is your most embarrassing moment?

    LOL!!! :respekt: Ads!
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    How? HOW?! How does this comment deserve a FML?! "how am I hungry after such an epic lunch?!!fml" :banghead::keule::banghead:
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    Show me your....

    Dad has a tropical fish tank in the living room. It's about 5ft by 1.5ft. He's had it for about 12 years now. He's got a few parrots, silver dollars, and some piranha looking things. Up until last week he had this black cat fish/sucker type thing in there too, but that died :( That was my...
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    F1 Season 2012

    That's a bit of a sh*tter Jo... Next year like you say. I know a guy that's marshalled there, and Dubai. Said its epic. Come away with a Massa's wing mirror too after he came together with someone!
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    ideas on a name for a new puppy?

    Shadow That'll just make me think of the OTTO Cycle lol Not Alonso? Lol My cousin just had a baby boy and if it wasn't for his wife putting a stop to it, he would have called his son Enzo. He had his heart set on it!
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    S Tronic option on the S3

    'pop' The end. :rockwoot:
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    2012 1-8TFSI REMAP PROBLEM!!

    No idea on pricing yet. But he was given the same time/delivery dates as what you put in your other post. So at least they are consistent! He wants Quattro though. Do they do the 1.8T in Quattro? I've also read that to begin with, no Quattro variants will be available. Only FWD.
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    S Tronic option on the S3

    You've got to go S-tronic!
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    Fuel cap - what do you do with yours?

    So at today's prices, that's what? 3, maybe 4 drops? :undwech:
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    I did just that at the comment below! As a rule, if I smile or snigger, then it's lol. If I actually laugh, it turns to LOL. If I start crying with laughter, then it's LMAO LOL! I'd like to get rid of my account, but I spend about 8-9 months of the year abroad, and I have quite a few...
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    F1 Season 2012

    No idea. It's still on the calendar so if it has all fallen through they would have taken it off surely. Guess we'll all find out later on in the year! A week to go till next race. Should see an update or 2 from a couple of teams. Most of the races in China have been wet haven't they?