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    Wrong battery fitted ?

    Thanks for the reply , I didn't think it would be that simple ... but someone else had mentioned the battery in an older post concerning juddering. Well this morning it didn't do on the commute to work , and the only difference was that it was about 4 degrees cooler this morning than it has...
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    Wrong battery fitted ?

    Hi all .... first post and apologies if it's been covered before. I recently purchased a 2006 2.0 tdi avant , but now the new car syndrome has worn off I've noticed that the car seems to occasionally judder (like its going to stall) when pulling away on a cold start up . I never noticed this on...
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    new member... saying hello

    Just a quick hello to all ... New member whos been lurking for a few weeks on the forum and thought it was time to say hello . Im on the look out for an A3 2.0T quattro after having various golfs over the last few years, I was about to purchase a mk5 GTI but fancy something with a bit more...