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Jan 2, 2016
Mar 15, 2010
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Jan 2, 2016
    1. A3S-LINE60
      hi mate im from near Walsall I have a a3 s.line 60 plate is there anythink you could help me with?
    2. shropy95
      shropy95 Hi mate just seen you in the vcds map I'm after an aux activated in my rns-e preferable today ! Let us know on here or drop us a text 07487831511 cheers !
    3. daniel.w.leigh
      Hi there - I am really interested in having the 'beep lock' set on my car, and maybe see what other fun things VCDS does. Is this something you can help with?
    4. RosscoJr
      Afternoon Lewis, I've got a problem with bluetooth/voice control and wondered if you could plug me in? I have fault codes to do with voltage. Also while im there if could just check to see if anything else jumps out as im new to the car. Thanks in advance.
    5. CSS3
      Hi mate, I got sent to the member map for users with VCDS.

      I purchased an Audi A3 2.0 FSI SE 2003 yesterday. woke up this morning and the power steering light is on and the power steering isn't functioning. By any chance are you able to help me and plug it in to see of any error codes ? Would appreciate it a lot.
    6. Melv
      Hello lewis ive got a problem with my a3 2.0 fsi
      Power steering fault but changed motor and battery worked straight away but next day all back the same ie all lights back on dash
      Cleaned all earths i can see but now im stumped
      Is this something you could help with will pay for your time im only in tipton cheers
      This is my number 07506747696
    7. Wicked666
      Hi Lewis - my sister has an 8V A3 and i'd like to activate the visual parking as well as beep when car locks and maybe a few other things. Is this something that you can help with and what would the cost be? Thanks, Raj :)
    8. InvincibleA3
      Hi mate I've purchased some audi rear lights a3 sportback 2009 , I've heard that wiring them is ideal to prevent water ingress , or would u suggest adapter ? Please let me know quote , is weekend ok ?
    9. amowolves
      hi lewis probably going to need an rnse coding to work with my a3 8p as its out of a a4 can you do this please?
    10. SinghB7
      Hi mate, need my headlamps coding via vcds could you pm me your number as im local and we'll arrange a time, cheers.
    11. Woody86
      Hi mate. Wondering if you can help me out. I want the oil temp on all my dis screens. You seem to be the closest person with vcds. Can you help?
    12. vtec160bhp
      Hi mate Newbie...
      Just bought A6 C7 2014....I wonder if you can help me want to change some setting on my car and I see you have a VCD package.
      Just want the alarm to chirp also video on motion enabled..etc.
      I also live in Walsall near Town.
    13. confused_child
      Hey there,

      I was hoping you could shine some light for me. I currently have an Audi A3 2007 2.0 tdi S line. What would I need to switch from a basic to mfsw. I have the new steering wheel and air bag, the elcetrician I went to has said I'm missing something but does not know. Ive seen a thread where you have said you've changed yours over a couple of years back.


    14. Gareth1
      Hi Mate, are you able to code 2014 headlights onto a 57 plate A5? I've completed the facelift but just need the coding.


    15. Golf_mk5
      Hi mate I fitted an aux in today in my golf mk5 2005 but i dont have aux/cd changer enabled on the radio (rcd300). Would you be able to code the CD player for me if I came to Walsall? Thanks
    16. Steedy
      i believe it is alarm chips enabled.
    17. Steedy
      Hi mate, i was hoping you could help with a VCDS alteration.
      I would like my car to beep when i lock it, iv seen a video of it been done and a guy said that i should see who has a VCDS equipment.
      Hope you can help me out mate.
    18. Beanmasteruk
      Hi there, help! In an old thread you spoke about a 2005 passat with a balance shaft/oil pump fail. You said car was driven until brake vacuum went. I have a customer with exact same car who's pump/brakes went. I've stripped down to the hex shaft that is well worn, as yet haven't taken out balance shaft carrier or shaft (engine is bkp with gear drive pump) my question(s) are, was the engine ok in the one you did? I expect turbo at the least to have gone on this one. I'm hoping to just put a new hex shaft in tomorrow just to bolt it Back together and start up to see what, if any, other damage is done. I've found an engineering co to refurb the balance shaft for£300 but don't want to go that far yet if engine is no good due to lack of oil and vacuum etc. any feedback would be fantastic
    19. mitch4302011
      Hi mate,

      I need the service due light resetting on my 8p a3 (2008 pre face lift model) can you help please?
    20. rhubarb4
      Hi mate im also from walsall, think i may have some faults with my 8L s3 how much do you charge to check it out on your vagcom. cheers chris.
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    2008 E92 BMW 335i M-sport
    1990 Golf GTi w/ a 20v heart BUILD THREAD
    Full VCDS

    2006 A3 2.0T quattro S-line R.I.P. You will be missed. :bye:

    ** Breaking - 8L 1997 Audi A3 1.8T. **
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