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    Anybody Seen this?

    I got tagged on Facebook to look at this, mightily impressed. Has anybody come across this before?
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    Let's start the New Year wishes whilst we still have some bandwidth!

    Yep all the best everyone. I'm hoping for a much! better 2014
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    Have a good Christmas and new year,

    Have a great one, I hope you all get the bits you want!
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    What mobile phone do you have?

    Samsung Galaxy s3, I love it had the s1 before. Never had an Iphone so can't compare, but the s3 does everything I need and can plug into pretty much anything because it uses a micro usb plug.
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    Change one letter (game)

    mighter this may not be a real word, but came up on wiktionary? I'll let you decide
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    Change one letter (game)

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    Change one letter (game)

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    Change one letter (game)

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    Change one letter (game)

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    Change one letter (game)

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    Classic Motor Show (cars and bikes) at the NEC this weekend

    Not sure, I go most years, waiting to see if a friend can make it.
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    which torque wrench?

    I have the Halfords professional too, and it's been great, it gets used pretty much every month, to torque the bolts on a CNC lathe!
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    Fantasy Premier League

    Just joined hope I'll get the hang of it this year
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    Find the animals.....

    Found all but the common Snipe?
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    Parts back

    I think they are owned by the insurance co. as soon as they have replaced them.