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    Is there a way to stop the car from moving when you lift of the brake? (Automatic)

    In my car Stronic it feels like drive is completely disengaged when the parking brake is applied.
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    Fitting a roof rack

    I have no roof rails on my Sportback and have a Thule roof rack which gets used a few times a year. The hole is for correct location of the clamp that holds the feet securely in place. The feet are rubber which sit on the paintwork. You need to get the correct feet for A3 Sportback because the...
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    Facelift What would you want to see in the redesigned 2019 model

    More supportive sports seats that can be lowered an inch or two more than now. Less road noise on rough surfaces.
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    Driving Auto in snow

    I've got winter tyres on a separate set of 16" wheels for the A3, but they've hardly seen any snow in the past 3 years. I'm still glad I've got them because it gives you real confidence to go anywhere if the weather takes you by surprise. Having driven front wheel drive A4s and quattro A6s I...
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    Sport suspension Facelift Vs Prefacelift and color question

    I agree that dynamic suspension on the FL Sport models looks higher riding than the equivalent pre-FL. I find the difference noticeable every time I see one. I've got a pre-FL Sport with deselected sports suspensions (ie. same as the SE) and the ride height looks lower on my car.
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    Amalfi White vs Scuba Blue

    Scuba blue is nice but I'm not really a fan of any dark colours.
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    Pan roof or No pan roof??

    I intended to spec the pano roof but was disappointed to find that it took about an inch from headroom making the roof too close. The hole wasn't as big as I'd hoped. So I didn't order it.
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    COD Motorway speeds

    There isn't a speed limit per se, the limits are based on torque and revs. If revs are above 4000rpm or you are using more than 55lb/ft of torque then you are running on 4 cylinders. I doubt it would be possible to cruise at above 80mph while using less than 55lb/ft, but you could use COD on a...
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    A3 1.4 140bhp vs 150bhp

    Of the 1.4s, only the 140 and 150 are COD ie. not the 122/125. Both the 140 and 150 have the same amount of torque so you shouldn't feel any difference in day to day driving. I know the 140 is a 140mph car. The 140 and 150 are both Euro 6 compliant.
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    Sports seats vs Standard seats

    As well as the base cushion extender, sports seats also have adjustable tilt function which the SE seats don't have. The SE seats feel flat as a pancake in comparison.
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    A3 'Sport Suspension'

    I test drove the A3 on sports suspension and bought one on SE suspension. They're not massively different and neither has any massive downsides. The Sports suspension looks better to most people eyes and it feels a little more tied down but it doesn't turn the car into a Lotus Elise but IMO it...
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    Facelift Tyre Pressure settings

    I've got the pre-facelift but same car as the OP and the pressures are very different. No comfort option:
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    A3 8P to 8V ride comfort question

    Can't argue with your experience, but every review I've read says that the 8v has much improved ride quality to the previous model. I guess that might only apply to SE suspension though.
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    8V odd/rare options?

    Mine has through-load and rear airbags. Not sure how rare those are.
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    Who was it that said I'd never get 50mpg from the 1.4COD?

    I took this during a 100 mile drive from NE London to Aldeburgh in Suffolk in August. The traffic was pretty heavy so I didn't manage much faster than 60 the whole time. At the end of the journey it was showing 61.3 mpg. It would have been perfect if we had done this at 10:22pm.