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    S5 Reverse Smoke

    I've noticed recently that when reversing in the S5 it emits plumes of White smoke. Has anybody else experienced this, is it something to worry about? the car seems to drive perfectly well.
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    S5 and S4 Production Suspended....

    Conspiracy Theory: They've halted orders of the S5 as they weren't getting enough orders of the RS5 due to the immaterial differences between the two cars and the huge price difference.
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    Maps update 2018 now available thru MMI

    I can confirm it's not the full package. When updating in the car there is an option to select regions, by default it selects either UK North or UK South. You can go into the menu and select all of the other European countries as well if you want to download these but they aren't downloaded by...
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    Matrix vs Standard LED design

    I have the Standard LED. From what I've seen the Array looks almost identical apart from when in operation. The only major difference visibly is the Front Indicators simply flash on the standard LED's rather than the swoosh motion that comes with the Matrix. The Rear LED's swoosh on both options.
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    New S5 Sportback just signed on the line!!

    It depends how long you want to use the car and your annual mileage. I like to change cars every 2 years so buying a car is a no go with the huge depreciation. My S5 Coupe deal was £450 per month inc VAT for 10,000 miles per year on 3+23 so 26 payments totaling £11700 over 2 years. To buy the...
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    Audi S5 Tyres...

    I ordered mine 8th February 2017, it arrived at my office on 3rd May (I was lucky to be able to do a spec change on a cancelled order). The longest wait though was from the Port in the UK to the dealership. It arrived into the UK on 4th April and took over 4 weeks to get to the dealership...
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    S5 Rattles

    I have a similar gripe with quality of the S5. The Chrome Trim around the windows is not one solid piece, it has a join over the rear window! As a premium car I would expect this to be one piece of trim with no joins.
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    Audi S5 Tyres...

    I received my S5 Coupe last week and it came with Continetntal Sport Contact 5P tyres The car is awesome!
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    S5 Fuel

    Here she is:
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    S5 Fuel

    My S5 Arrives tomorrow. Does Audi recommend the type of Fuel to be used? Is normal Unleaded OK or should Premium be used instead? Thank you in advance
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    extended LED interior lights

    The lighting looks amazing. Does anybody know if the hardware is installed by default (my S5 has all the ambinet lights but just one colour) or if there is a hardware difference between the standard ambient lighting option and the multi coloured option? In other words can this feature be...
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    Solid or Metallic

    Hi All My New S5 Coupe will be delivered next week, its been showing on yourAudi as having arrived in the UK for the last 2 weeks but the dealer said yesterday that its still at the Docks waiting to be delivered to the dealership, hopefully it will come next week. Here is my question: I...
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    Android MMI app and unlocked car problems

    I read about the OBD11 on a link from another post, are there any other interesting features that it can help with? Does it affect the warranty at all?
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    S5 0-62mph

    My new S5 is due to arrive in the next week so i don't know what Launch control looks like yet. Can anybody tell from the video if this test was done using Launch control or just from a normal standing start?
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    S5 0-62mph

    A new YouTube video has just been posted with a real life 0-100kmh test. It looks like the car is faster than the Audi figures at 4.6s rather than 4.7s