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  • Hello larbel. Can you send me a mail? I have a business for you don_aldas@yahoo.com. Thank you
    I saw you made a custom Bluetooth connect kit for your JB4 do you have more information on this? I’m interested in also making my own. Thank you!
    hello, My name is Oleg, I'm from Ukraine? I have a S3 like you, installed a virtual cockpit and tpms, I need help, please send a long code for the cockpit and for the block ABS.

    Hello i seen your thread on dynamic lights for audi a3 and was wondering where you got the elsawin diagram for that model as my elsawin only goes to 2012 thanks.
    Hi. My work address is Brad Kenning, Summer Arcade, Esplanade, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Po376bg. Cheers. Brad
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