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    TT RS Exhaust tips

    Mine are dummy tips. Theyre not even attached to the exhaust. Oem tips are expensive from the dealer. Might have to go down the painting route.
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    TT RS Exhaust tips

    Anyone know the best place to go for replacement TT RS chrome exhaust tips. Mine are looking a bit shabby after the chrome has worn off around the very edges. Might consider going for black ones and then do the grill and badge. Cheers.
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    Selling up for an Exige

    I have just come the other way. I sold a '08 Exige S and bought the S3. The Exige just wasn't getting used because at the end of the day it's a track car. Once the novelty wore off, it was a pain in the **** (literally!) - and not as fast as you'd think although in the dry the handling was...
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    RNS-E and USB

    Well I guess it's my own fault for not specc'ing RNS-E and AMI, but......... Is there any way to get my current USB implementation to work if I retrofitted RNS-E. According to the website these items can not be specc'd together which I assume means that they can't work together. Anybody here...
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    MP3 playlists with RNS-E

    Are you still limited to 99 tracks in the root folder of the SD card though?
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    Another S3 Black Edition hits the streets.

    Picked it up today. Not had chance to have a play yet, engine is tight as a drum. Needs cleaning already and only done 17 miles!!!! Also just found out that the Nokia N95 8gb phonebook will not upload via Bluetooth on this car - grrrrrr. Salesman said the Apple ipone works OK though. I will be...
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    How to sell my '59 S3 privately and safely?

    I was offered £19,500 for my Exige on, dealer offered £23,500, sold on pistonheads for £25,500. (I had it up for £26,500.) That's what you're up against I'm afraid.
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    New S3 Black Edition - Ibis out, Sprint Blue in

    Wow those BBS's look the business - especially the anthracite. If I can't get hold of decent RS4 19" titanium then it might have to be BBS. Thanks for postings these up. :salute:
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    Where's all the photos???

    Thought it was worth a separate thread with it being March 1st. (New cars only)
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    Where's all the photos???

    Must be still out playing with your new toys!. Come on then, let's get the photo's up!!:icon_thumright:
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    Finally Here

    Car looks awesome - and fantastic choice of alloys. Recognise the breeze blocks in the background - is that Aberdildo?
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    2007 S-Line Front Leather Seats

    Is it my eye sight or is that an **** cheek imprint in the drivers seat - LOL!!
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    Quick review of 3.2 sport DSG and a dealer to AVOID!

    Don't expect a nice exhaust sound from the Lotus unless you invest in a Larini or 2bular. I'm going the other way after having an Exige S for 2 years. My back can't take any more and I've lost all my teeth after going over too many pot holes. (still a great car though!)
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    S3 Black Edition - Insurance quotes?

    I got £106 refund after swapping over from the Exige with 3 months to run on the policy (Admiral). Result! :icon_thumright:
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    Who's all waiting on a march delivery!!!!

    I'm waiting on a IBIS S3 Black Edition. It will be available 1st March but I won't be able to collect until 10th :banghead: