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    Subwoofer Location

    Any idea if it actually says B&O on it? Me thinks (thought I saw somewhere) it was made by Alpine (which isn't too bad I guess). Aha, a sub does exist there! Know what they say, if I can't see it, I don't believe it!
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    Premium Fuel v Supermarket

    I guess we can use the beer (or jaffa cakes) analogy. Why do people buy branded beer and usually stay away from supermarket branded beer (or jaffa cakes). Are the supermarket branded beer worse? Beer is beer after all. Then again, why would companies like Shell & Petronas (only these two come to...
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    Premium Fuel v Supermarket

    @NigelG sorry, completely forgot to answer your Q, I would stick to the actual petrol companies fuel, Shell/Esso/BP/Texaco/Jet E10 petrol (one day I might try Gulf, or Applebees (doesn't instill much confidence the name), and perhaps once every 2k miles or so give it a tank of Esso Supreme /...
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    Premium Fuel v Supermarket

    My experience only from 2 different VAG 1.0TSI (higher tuned one, 110-115bhp), Seat Ibiza and (current) Audi A3 30TFSI MHEV. Using Jet, Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco, 95RON, no distinction at all, 'same' mpg, same driving feel, same 'power' feel. When it comes down between Esso 97 (back in the day)...
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    RFL Recharge Query

    I got a response from them, it's a one off payment. This was different to my previous leased car (Volvo V40) where it was added like £5-6 every month
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    RFL Recharge Query

    Hi All, Lease my car, just got a RFL recharge invoice for £18. I guess this means the road tax value has now increased. Anyone confirm (who leases or similar) this is a one off payment for the year or a monthly extra payment due to (I speculate) Covid incurred losses? Thanks!
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    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Thanks, guess that's the generic one (non Audi / VW one). Was it a perfect match, very good match (eg need to look a bit to see where) or good match (covers the curb, but u know you touched up as slighly different shade of silver)?
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    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Decided to use the auto park function on parallel park to see if it still works. 3rd time trying. First 2 very successful once it knows where you want to go. Let go steering just use accelerator pedal. Reversed in fine, asked me put to D when the car straightened itself out and it curbed the...
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    How to open 4 side windows at once

    I did this the other day, hold unlock and all 4 windows lowered. I didn't need to do anything in the MMI, car is 2021 (early) A3 Sport trim.
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    What is peoples experience of the A3 hybrid

    That's quite impressive esp ICE mode only. Always thought the extra weight is a detriment, I guess if it was city only, yes it would, but seeing you were doing probably 40-60mph range constant ish speed, still close to 60mpg (guess in 2 cyl mode mainly) is still very good.
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    Pothole damage

    Depends on the speed, if at slowish speed, I believe you should be fine. higher speeds don't know. Assuming tyre pressure on the said tyre was still 'normal' since?
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Just under 20 degrees, finished the E5 RON 99 momentum, filled up with E10 Esso 95 @ £1.79 . 560 miles left at fill stn (didn't even fill to click) At least I managed 70+mpg with E10! Needed to as petrol is so expensive!
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    Audi Sound System

    Funilly enough was googling B&O for Audi 8Y and came to an ebay page with someone selling this B&O (just the speakers and amp), maybe their car was a write off. So on the labels, I noticed the amp was made by Harman (Kardon?), the sub had Alpine wording, and the speakers were written Foster...
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    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    you have the diagram for the basic reflector led headlights? (just curious)
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    Foldable Mirrors

    Even my 'Sport' trimmed (2nd lowest one) has the electric folding mirrors in UK. Then again I notice that some combinations are not avaliable here, or vice versa. Like outside the UK, you can spec USbC charging ports in rear, I've seen some cars that had 'basic LEDs' up front, but with rear...